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Since it was Debbie over at Fruity Spirit that gave my the idea to write about this memory with her 100 things post, I decided to honor her by using her banner too :-)

I have sometimes during my life had a problem with sweaty palms of my hands. It can be worse in the summertime when it’s hot outside, but it’s not only because of the heat. I believe that just the fact that I know that I can be sweaty, makes me sweat…

Anyway, I had almost forgot about that fact, because it has become better with age - I guess it has some amount of self confidence involved there too.

Some of you might not know that Mr Lifecruiser and I first got to know each other on the internet. Short version: We did chat with each other for night and day for about 7 weeks before we decided too meet out over a coup of coffee.

We had only seen each other on pictures and not even talked over the phone! I was almost paranoid, not leaving out any information about myself, a lonely woman have to be careful right?

We were both very careful to point out that it was as friends only, but we had so much fun that we wanted to meet. We both had very long relationships behind us and didn’t want to get involved in a new one yet.

Little did we know that destiny said something else…. Mr Lifecruiser throwed all lifejackets overboard as soon as he got the first hug from me. I wasn’t at all prepared that he should do that. I knew that we had something strong going on, I could tell from the chatting sessions we had, but from that to this rapidly development? Pheew. Very scary!

Though I was most concerned for him. That this would go too fast for him, that he hadn’t thought through this properly and so on. That made me very nervous, because I didn’t want him to regret anything. I mean, after all, this was the first time we met each other!

Since I was the one taking the final step to break up with my last man, I had that situation fresh in mind and it was not an easy thing to do and I was very scared of hurting another man like that again.

We went for a ride in the car first, out on Djurgården, a popular recreation space in the city. It was snowing and very cold, so our plans for a walk were kind of frozen. Finally we found an open café, Lilla Hasselbacken, where we stopped for coffee.

Both of us choosed to have apple pie and lots and lots of vanilla sauce. The apple pie were practically drowning in the vanilla sauce. And we took a second portion… We sat there for very long and talked and talked.

He was looking very intense into my eyes all the time. You could cut the air between is, it was so loaded with love. He wanted to hold my hand at the same time so he did - but he needed a big towel too! *lmao*

He was making me so nervous, since I wasn’t sure that he really knew what he was doing, so my palms were almost dripping of sweat!!! I have to admire the man for still holding my hand, despite that fact!!!

The thoughts went through my head all the time: is he serious, does he know what he is doing and so on. I wasn’t sure he was, but he seemed to be, so I had to believe him.

Obviously he did, because we were a couple from that very day. The 29th of December 2003. That date every year, we go back to Lilla Hasselbacken to eat a bowl with vanilla sauce with some apple pie….

Even this day, if he takes my hand and makes some comment of how dry my hand is, it just takes seconds and it’s all sweaty! It’s just so darn funny! For him!

I’ll always be his sweatheart….

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    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    What a precious memory and it really touches my heart to feel the love in your post…who cares about the sweaty palms. I think it is so sweet and am very happy you have such a great relationship. *s*

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it really is a precious memory for us - and a very fun one *lol* We’re still that happy and I wish that you all have this kind of happiness too…. The whole world would be a much better place, I’m sure :-)

    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    What a wonderful story! A sweet sharing. I have often wanted to write about my hubby and I on our first date but knew it would bring on the wars! If you catch my meaning!!

    Yours is a true love story and from what you write you two are very much in love and take all care to show it to each other! That is how it should be!

    My hands and feet will ever be sweaty and I have just learned to deal with it! Seems your sweetheart like my hubby has seen beyond the puddles we leave behind!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Debbie. Yes, I understand exactly what you mean and how you feel. Sometimes I wish I could blog totally anonymous. Certain things can’t be written that I want to write about and I feel censored. But at the same time: I haven’t the time to have another anon. blog either, so I better stick to this one only.

    Luckily yes, there are men that see other things than appearance and other shallow things. Thankfully.

    Chana CANADA said:

    ahhhh, i’m all smiles. you guys are so in love and so happy. i’m sooo happy for the two of you. see, love is out there. it exists and it is real. we are so lucky Mrs. Lifecruiser.
    i met my Joe on yahoo personals too..huge surprise for both of us..from the first chat, we knew it was something..we never chatted with anyone else..and in our first date, he had wanted to get the nervous stuff out of the way so we had discuss hugging me (so beyond out of his character, you wouldn’t believe) and frankly, i had dreamed of those arms all my life..nothing felt that safe and my heart hasn’t been mine again,…
    love is grand..compatibility, friendship, attraction, respect it makes my world go around…
    how nice of you to share this with monday started with thoughts of love now..:P

    Lifecruiser: I’ve heard of rather many people nowadays that have met over the internet and it seems to be really awesome relationships too! I guess it’s because you really can get to know each other before meeting, so you know the person from the inside before you see the outside in real life. Yes, we really wish this happiness for everybody else too!!!! And I’m so hppy for you two, that you have it, the most important thing in life.


    My hubby and I got to know each other from a distance, too. While he was in the first Gulf War, we wrote each other nearly every day. Pre-internet, I guess. And probably the best, healthiest relationshipe we’d ever head. Still going strong, too! Most days. ;)

    Lifecrusier: How interesting. Yes, I suppose that would be pre-internet! I’m very happy for you two, hope it’s stillg oing strong for the rest of your lifes :-)

    Gregg R UNITED STATES said:

    Just goes to show you that some people were indeed, meant for each other.
    Some take years with their relationship before make it official and getting married.
    Others, like us only take a short time to know that someone is the RIGHT person for us.
    I knew my wife for 3 months before I asked her to marry me. That was 26 years, 2 wonderful daughters, 4 African foster children and as of July,
    1 Grandson, ago….

    Lifecruiser: That’s just fabulous Gregg!!!! *whistles* I’m so happy for you! Congrats to you and your wife for finding each other and such love. It’s just awesome. Keep up that love spirit :-)

    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    I feel the same as you do, regarding havig an anonymous blog…there are lots of things I think about blogging about but feel that most are way too personal & so that is one reason I seldom have anything to say. *s*

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it’s really a pity that we do have to be tied like that, but something just can’t be said. But I do think you have something to say, you’re just so shy and humble :-)

    zingtrial UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Hi ,Love is in the air He!He!He.That is good vibes,Wish you well :) .

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it sure is - depsit the fact that the air is rather cold here for the moment, but we just put on more fuel on the fire to keep it hot ;-) Have a good time you too!


    Great story about your first ’sweaty’ date LOL!

    My hubby once gave me a card and instead of writing Sweetheart, like he meant to, he wrote Sweatheart by mistake. I laughed so hard. He didn’t know what I was laughing at until I pointed it out to him and then we both laughed. Spelling is not his strong point, but it’s the thought that counts!!!!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. Ha ha ha… I know that a little too well - i have to think after every time i shall write that word so it don’t get wrong :-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    WHAT a sweeeeeeet story! TEN years ago I would have thought you were INSANE! But since getting involved in the web world, and having met so many of my internet friends, I just think yours was a match made in Heaven! I LOVE it LC! (now come back over to MY place — today’s post is up - with MORE fun!)

    Lifecruiser: I can tell that you’re in a extra ordinary good mood after spending so much time together with the others :-) GREAT!


    I really liked the story of how the two of you met. Sweaty palms and all..

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it’s a precious and fun memory now afterwards :-)

    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    You story is very like Wanda’s and mine. She was my insurance agent for the longest time before we went out together. After the second date when she said she loved me I wondered if she knew what she was doing. I guess she did.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, and we’re very glad she did, isn’t we? *lol* You’re such a wonderful couple! I wish the world could be filled with us happy couples…. OK, that’s a bit too much to wish maybe…*s*


    I have Sweaty Palms and Soles since form my childhood.I used numbers of medician but it didn’t work.I realy disapointed. I have to face numbers of problem in my daily life. I can’t write here it will take lot of time. Incase you can help me please write me. Thanks

    Lifecruiser: I’, so sorry to hear that - so many shares your problem and yet, no solution is there for you. I have no answer or any help to offer either, sadly enough. I hope that you can get some help from somebody else. Good luck in finding the solution :-)

    Gail UNITED STATES said:

    :-) It must be the month to remember love. I still remember the intense look in Bill’s eyes when we got married. It sounds like your husband really loves you. And you both love each other.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I know, so many write about Love and I love it, there can never be too much love in this world hah? :-)

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