We have introduced a lot of our other pets, but not our first special ones.

This is how it all started:

We packed up a lot of Mr Lifecruisers things he have had stored before he moved in with me and among all that stuff there was a cute porcelain dog. I liked him at the spot and we named him to a classic dog name: Napoleon, shortened as Nappe. He is a Basset hound and rather old.

Lifecruisers dog Napoleon

Immediatly we started to joke about it, that we had get a dog, who should go out with him and so on. Then the first relative phoned us and Mr Lifecruiser said as a joke, that we had get ourselves a dog. The relative didn’t get that it was a joke, as she has a dog herself and just got happy for us. She started to ask a lot of questions about the dog, which he tried to answer as good as he could with out any direct lies.

Then she spread the word to the others on his side of the family too, so without we were saying anything, they all thought that we was proud puppy owners and asked a lot of questions about him. And Mr Lifecruiser answered as good as he could again. Of course they thought it was strange (or probably cruel) of us to get a dog when we were out travelling so much as we did at the time…. We just said that: “Oh, there is so many that wants to puppy-sit for us…”

We mentioned it to the other side of the family, when we were at one of my sisters home, but she instantly said: “No, that’s not true because my sister would never ever leave the dog alone at home…” So that side of the family didn’t buy our lie at all.

Then we went for a trip to London and spotted a wonderful Jack Russel that I just MUST buy, I fell in love at first sight of him. Yoy know me, I’m a petoholic. He is brother to Kurt Russel, that’s how he got his name…. (Yes, I know it’s crazy but that’s how we are). He is so cute and have such a soft fur. So when we came home we just announced that now we had two dogs.

Lifecruisers dog Jack Russell

They believed us, but asked even more questions. They thought it was a little bit strange to get two dogs in such a short time, but we just said that Nappe needed some company. From time to time, we mentioned something about the dog, that they were playing, that Jack had his own chair in the livingroom (he is actually sitting in that chair yes) and other small things.

Coming home from our trip to Fuerteventura, Spain, we hold a Tapas party for both sides of family and that was the first time they should come to our home and meet our new dogs…

So just before that we went to the pet store and got a food bowl, a dog collar, lead, bed and a bone for the dogs. We placed the food bowl in the kitchen, the collar around Jack Russels neck, Nappe on the bed with a bone in front of him and the lead in the hallway to make it more authentic.

You should have seen the face of them when they arrived and realized that they were’nt real dogs! Aaahh, prizeless moments! For us anyway, I’m not so sure about what they thought…. *lol*

Well, yes, at least they smiled, so I guess they did forgive us…

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2 Comments on “The first pets we got”

    Martin said:

    Did you take these photos????

    If so then they are blooming lovely, the ones of the falls are fantastic.

    Thnaks for popping by my blog, when I get a new camera I will get back into the swing of things.

    I am a tad busy painting a room at the moment but because I love photos so much I will pop back in the next day or so to go through all your pictures.

    Once again, they are rather jolly nice!

    Hope you are both well and keep on cruising!



    PS I ave nott dun spel cheker on this coment so i ope that it all is proppar Inglish and I av not made any misteaks in wot I have sedded!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, we did take all the photos by ourselves, only a couple of them when we are on the horseback both of us at the same time, we needed some help of course.

    Oh, and many humble thanks for popping by and leave your very enthusiastic compliments, we’re glad you liked them!

    Don’t you do any spellchecking ever, it’s much more fun when you don’t :-)

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