No, I’m not talking about myself (lol). This year the farmer here at Fårö island has 4 wild cats kittens (including the cat mom) he has been taking care of, hoping to place them in a home later this autumn.

They’re very curious of us, but also quite shy. Though they are starting to be used to us now – after feeding them with yummy left overs….

In the beginning they did peep in the door – especially when frying bacon *giggles* – and wanted to come in, but they learned very quickly that they’re only allowed to stay on the door step.

The gray and white seems to be much more hungry than the others, he’s making growling sounds when eating and he is jabbing with his paws to get the food down from the hand to the ground before taking it.

They live in a cat heaven here – the farmer goes out fishing for them, so they get fresh fish very often. Spoiled cats? Well, no, they eat everything actually!

If we get a chance to catch more photos of them, we’ll fill up this folder with them, so if you’re interested: keep an eye on the Farm Cats Fårö folder…

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8 Comments on “The Farms Wild Cats”

    Murfomurf said:

    :grin: They look like very sleek cats- the fish does wonders for their fur! I hope they find good homes and become a little more tame!


    Cute photos! It’s nice that you made new feline friends. I’m sure they appreciate having you around.

    LindaN said:

    The grey one was just adorable

    claudie said:

    I am jealous! I love so much fresh fishes! They are so cute!

    DianeCA said:

    The black one with the white chest reminds me of a cat I had before I moved to Norway. Her name was Diamond because of the white diamond shaped patch on her chest. Looked almost like a big diamond necklace. Classy lady hehehe. These country cats are adorable!!!

    TorAa said:

    You know you melt our hearts with these Cats -they are beautiful and hope P will find a good home for them..

    Talking about Cats, we did not go to sleep last Night, due the fact we had to leave the Family home at 1 am Nordic time.
    Guess what kept us awake?
    Cat’s “lovesongs” of course;-)

    Gattina said:

    They look quiet good for wild cats, good that they are fed, the poor things.
    I am catching up on your summer holiday posts, for some reason which I can’t understand you didn’t show up in my Google Reader so I missed all your posts, because I thought your were not posting !

    Barbara said:

    What BEAUTIFUL and funny cats they are–the pictures are fabulous, as well! Greetings from too-hot Florida–wish I were in Sweden!

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