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Welcome to the park at Drottningholm (= Queen’s islet) Palace, which actually is the offical permanent home of the Swedish Royal family, even if there is another palace too in the Stockholm city.

The King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia decided it would be the best for their children to grow up outside the big city, as the wise parents they are :-)

Here are some postcards with the Royal family pictures, The King and Queen, Princess Victoria (which is going to be our next queen!), Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip, so you know how they look – in case you should meet them… *giggles*


The Palace is situated 15km (9 miles) west of central Stockholm on the island Lovön and it’s the one closest to the mainland, connected to the other islands we’ve been visiting lately.

Not only the Royal family enjoys the green lush there, but also a lot of Stockholmers go there to have a picnic in this lovely park. As you can see, the park has a lot of ponds and canals which make it even more refreshing.




Or maybe have a romantic moment in the pavilion? *giggles*



The Palace was rebuilt in the late 16th century (after a fire burnt down the first building) by the famous Swedish architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, though he died in 1681, so his son Nicodemus Tessin the Younger continued his work. It has hosted several Royal Swedes up to now.


Drottningholm Palace was also Sweden’s first contribution to The World Heritage List in 1991, not only because of the Palace which is considered a Swedish Versailles, but even for the garden, the Palace’s antique theatre and a unique Chinese Pavilion hosted on the grounds too.


The oldest part of the gardens were created at the end of the 17th century under the direction of a former Swedish queen, Hedwig Eleonora. The father and son Tessin led the project that created a baroque garden right outside the main palace, flanked by thick tree avenues.




The many bronze statues in the park were created by the artist Adrian de Vries, one of the Northern Europe’s most prominent renaissance sculptors. Some of them were spoils of war from Prague and some of them, like the Hercules and the Neptune statue is from Fredriksborgs Palace in Denmark.




Queen Hedvig Eleonora’s garden included a series of cascades as a back drop to the Water parterre. These were built between 1685 and 1705 and designed by architect Nicodemus Tessin the younger, inspired by similar designs in France and Italy. The old construction were dismantled in 1820 and were reconstructed another way as late as in 1961.


The Royal guards are allowed to answer if you ask them questions and they’re even allowed to smile, which I find very nice instead of all that stone dead faces!!!




Drottningholm Palace Theater, an antique opera actually, is perfectly preserved from 1766 and one of the main reasons for being at the world heritage list.



We’re not going in there today though. It’s probably not allowed to take photos there anyway, as anywhere else in the Palace.

Some one that’s into big cannon’s?


…or maybe some other interests…? *giggles*


After admiring all this, I got hungry! No surprise…. *giggles*

So we went to The Drottningholm Pavilion Restaurant for some beer and lighter meal and to just sit down and enjoy the nice sunshine and people passing by.


I had a Groque monsieur and Mr Lifecruiser Roastbeef with horseradish and onion, but do you think that we remembered to took any photos of it? No! *giggles*

So, anyone that want to have a taste of Swedish Princess Kisses? *giggles*


We also has some more photos at Flickr:
Lifecruisers Drottningholm photos in large
Lifecruisers Drottningholm Slideshow photos

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13 Comments on “The Drottningholm Palace Park”

    A. said:

    I love this post, it does look very similar to Versailles with beautiful gardens. I wasn’t able to look at your pictures on Flickr though….
    Just out of passing interest, what is the statue of the man looking over the lake? He is very mmmm

    Caledonia said:

    What a beautiful palace! I don’t really know much about the Swedish royal family so it was an educational post for me!

    ruth said:

    What a fascinating post and enjoyed all the giggles :o ) Happy GTS.

    Hootin' Anni said:


    RennyBA said:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Drottningholm and now I have – thanks to you. Its beautiful and I do understand Gustav and Silvia who wanted their children to grew up on the ‘country side’ instead of in the city – although your castle is great too.

    Did you know I was in the Norwegian Kings Gard? It was very pleasant in the in the summer time to do your hourly check in the Kings garden to see all the lovely ladies tanning. A bit cold to stay on guard for two hours in -20 in the winter time though!

    claudie said:

    Thanks for this beautiful visit. I understand why the royal family prefers living here! I’d do the same if I could choose! Walking from statue to statue and in the baroque garden… so romantic…
    Miam, miam! Can I taste your swedish croque monsieur?

    lazaza83 » Notre Dame de Paris said:

    [...] Always in the LCT, I propose now to visit a romantic place, the Drottningholm Palace Park by our Captain! [...]

    TorAa said:

    One more reason to go to Sweden – I’ll think we will have champagne in that charming pavillion.
    And someone to row us around the ponds and channels. Please instruct where to buy the best caviar.

    It’s amazing how rich the swedish kings were at that time – when we in Norway suffered from “the 400 years night” under the Danish Crown.

    Excellent report.

    Ev Nucci said:

    These are amazing shots. Incredible. Definately a reason to go to Sweden!

    It makes me wish I could post all my shots of when I lived in England….ah so long ago!

    But then…I don’t remember anything…so never mind.

    Sword Girl » When I got… said:

    [...] The Drottningholm Palace by Captain Lifecruiser! [...]

    Shypy said:

    Wow, beautiful shots! The fountains looks especially picturesque.

    This is my first visit and I just loved your blog – you’ve got one more subscriber :)

    Thanks and keep up the good work :D

    Travelling with Lifecruiser | Sharing Experiences said:

    [...] a visit inside) to the “second” Royal palace where the Swedish Royals actually lives, Drottningholm Palace, to stroll around the park (considered to be a mini Versailles) or have a romantic picnic there, [...]


    [...] bronze statues in the Drottningholm Palace park are created by the artist Adrian de Vries, one of the Northern Europe’s most prominent [...]

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