The Drottningholm Palace Church was designed and erected by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder. It’s built joined to the Palace left side with a door connection into the Palace. It was completed by his son in May, 1746.

Both of them built several Palace’s during their lives, remember that he made Drottningholm Palace as a miniature Versailles? His son built the Stockholm Palace inspired by the Louvre. Sweden were very influenced by France at this time, they even did speak French at the court.

Some of you may recognize it as the church where Mr Lifecruiser and I got married. Normally you don’t have to pay to be married (within your parish) in Sweden, but this church is a bit special, so you have to pay a fee to get married. They only hold services here for the parish the last Sunday every month.

We had another church in mind at first, but unfortunately it closed for renovations just at the time for our wedding. Since we had a rather small wedding with just the closest friends and family, we wanted a small church and that’s not so easy to find in Stockholm.

The Church weddings has been on the way back again now for several years in Sweden, it has been away for many years, since not many of us Swedes attend church services nowadays at all.

To choose a church wedding for us Swedes today, is more a choice of a nice tradition and not of faith.

This day when these photos are taken, there had been a wedding ceremony and the wedding couple came out of the church while we were passing, making us remembering when we ourselves did that…. Awwwww… These lovely memories!


Funny thing is that we didn’t know – then – that exactly 260 years earlier than our own wedding, in August 1744, the Swedish Crown Prince Adolf Fredrik and his bride Lovisa Ulrika of Prussia’s got married in the same church!

We had choosen our 18th century styled wedding clothes without knowing this. The Drottningholm music we did choose as our entrance music without knowing this, was composed and played especially for that crown prince wedding by Johan Helmich Roman (1694-1758), a Swedish Baroque composer, more known as the Swedish music’s ancestor.

Though their festivities lasted four days – I’d have loved to have that long festivities at our wedding too! We’ve said that we want to have our wedding feast once more, but without the wedding ceremony, because we had such a fun wedding :-)

I can’t resist to mention that this was the Swedish King that died of digestion problems in 1771 after having eaten 14 (!) servings of his favorite dessert: Semla! Or maybe rather all the other things he had eaten before the Semla: lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, kippers and drinking champagne – now thats a king in my taste!

No wonder that Mr Lifecruiser is so fond of Semla…. *giggles*

Personally I love that it’s rather small and round. Even the church benches inside is placed in a circle, which makes it more unique. The church visitors get more centralized and closer to the wedding couple.





The church organ, a Cahman with only 6 head voices is from 1730 built by Swedens most famous organbuilder and still in use – which can be quite challenging to play on and get it to sound right, since you miss 2 voices. You can get a glimpse of it in this photo.


One very big and impressing lamp is hanging from high up in the ceiling with lots, lots of candles in it. It don’t look big at these photos, but it is! I can’t recall how many it is or how high up this is, but I do remember that they only light them at special occasions because it’s so difficult to light them at that height!




They have a very old and precious baptismal font which they still use.


When the Royal family is attending the church, they have their own balcony.


Another noteworthy item is the traditional church tapestry with the symbol with the three Swedish crowns on it, which was made by King Gustaf V of Sweden, who even was born at Drottningholm Palace and was our king 1907-1950.


Personally I find it difficult to imagine men doing broderies (especially back then!) and I don’t like it very much either, but it sure is unique ;-)

See Lifecruiser’s Drottningholm Palace Church photos in large as a slideshow.

Lifecruiser ♥ Drottningholm Palace

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    mar said:

    It is indeed a very special church! with so much history behind (including the Lifecruiser wedding, of course!!) Magnificent decorations as well. I am impressed…

    Gattina said:

    I am sitting in the mountains, with my beautiful lake in front of me, weather is wonderful and I have one hour Internet per day for 5 €. So I can publish my junk and leave some comments. But I have to read all this when I am back. I take a lot of pictures to make with you a Cyber Cruise to the Garda lake ! You keep me busy, lol !

    Hootin' Anni said:

    Absolutely awe-inspiring…and oh so beautiful!!

    Sanni said:

    Be-au-ti-ful! Perfect place for a wedding… especailly for such a special one like yours =)

    Muddling up Semla and Sauerkraut… well, okay, might be like having pop rocks and Pepsi *g* – so… no Sauerkraut for me, but I wouldn´t mind to gorge 12 Semla, maybe 14.

    There´s a cruise port “by accident” up at my place today. Welcome to the Key West Paradise, Florida!

    TorAa said:

    What a beautiful church. I’m impressed both by the history related to it and your photos. Excellent.

    PS. I woke up here in the middle of the night. The nature demands – *giggles* – and suddenly: My connection to the world is up and running.

    Butt it’s damned chilly. I even changed to winter tyres on Monday – as our car will be in for fixing up after the butt bump in June and we will head for the Mountains on Friday.

    Sword Girl » When I got… said:

    [...] Drottningholm Palace Church by Captain Lifecruiser! ~“May your pigs always be in the pink; May they fly very high Like birds in the sky; May they [...]

    lindens man said:

    I like the decorations. very beautiful.

    A. said:

    A beautiful church, and unique I would think. I have never seen pews arranged in a small church quite like that, though the Liver pool Catholic catherdral is similar on a very different scaleand style.

    That picture of semla has my stomach rumbling!

    claudie said:

    I imagine how beautiful was your wedding with Mr Lifecruiser in this church! It couldn’t be other after a so romantic ask in Paris!
    I’m always impresse by the church organs.
    I’d like to taste a semla! You make me hungry!

    lazaza83 » Notre Dame de Paris said:

    [...] Always in the LCT, I propose now to visit a romantic place, the Drottningholm Palace Park by our Captain! A beautiful wedding place at the Drottningholm Palace Church! [...]

    Kasia said:

    Visiting churches is one of my favourite things to do, though i am not a “church person”. But there is this magic silence and you can almost hear these thousands of prayers said through centuries and hanging in the air. Sitting in the church makes me feel concentrated. And this church of your is very pretty I must say.

    ONwebCHECK said:

    That seams to be a really beautifull church with it´s own history – that is what I like. I also like the smal one – there is one in Norway made out of wood.

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