To take a Dominican Republic vacation is to take a vacation into one of the most laid-back and vibrant countries in the Caribbean.

You can let life simply drift by as you lay on the beach sipping a cocktail with the sun on your face and white sand between your toes, or you can get active and explore some of the wondrous sights and sounds it has to offer.

If you choose to pick up the pace, a great way to do it is with dance lessons. Who knows, they may come in handy if you are visiting in February during carnival season!

Music is inescapable in the Dominican Republic, as you would expect from a country with strong Latin and reggae roots. Like a soundtrack, it is there wherever you go and it is as much woven into the fabric and the identity of the country as it is into the history of the neighbouring Caribbean islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico.

But if you’ve got two left feet and want to make use of them then mountain-biking is the best way to take advantage of the country’s natural geographical diversity. For something slower, dramatic ocean backdrops mean the Dominican Republic has some of the best golf courses in the Caribbean.

No trip would be complete with a visit to Santo Domingo, specifically the Zona Colonial. You will not need a translator to understand what this area is all about. The architectural wonders of the place that Christopher Columbus’ son once called home tell a thousand tales.

Music, dancing, history, culture, water sports and more can all be found in this idyllic country. It’s a country whose charm will stay with you. It’s the quintessential Caribbean destination and can be reached through most popular tour operators, such as Thomas Cook package holidays.

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    Jesse said:

    I think we should say the treasure in the Caribbean because of the rumored information that most pirate ships from long ago have sank near the gulf in Dominican Republic.

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