Congratulations to Gattina on her birthday

Wanna have some coffee and cakes with the captain…? Come with us to the café where we’re blogging from most of the time now when we’re on vacation.


This year the café, Strandskogen (“Beach Forest”) are managed by a very nice Spanish young couple. Cheerful, helpful – quite the opposite from earlier years in this café. Actually we stopped going here because we were badly spoken to by the former worker, so this is really a nice contrast!

They’re speaking Swedish, but he cames from Cadiz in Andalucia, Spain. Made me curious enough to look it up and it has gorgeous beaches just like Fårös right at the Atlantic Ocean in the south of Spain.

The café from the inside

They’ve made it an small art gallery too with a lot of his owns paintings on the walls. Franscisco Sola Gil Berrocal comes from an art family, his urge to paint has always been there as a natural part of his life.


Between 1995-1997 Franscisco studied private for the master Luis Gonzalo, professor in Facultad de Bellas Artes at the University in Sevilla, as well as studies for Antonio Gil Encina Rey, professor in philosophy at Cadiz University, who also has got the spanish art award “Premio Nacional de Pictura” (National award in painting).


During 1997 to 2000 he continues his studies at Escauela de Bellas Artes in Cadiz and after that in Cornella, Barcelona. During this period he got his first awards, first prize in Premio de Pintura Rapida (for fast painting) and Premio de Pintura Abstracta for abstract painting and also first prize in a drawing contest in Andalucia.

Here you can see some of his paintings above the table where Mr Lifecruiser sits – playing poker.


The interior is a wonderful mix of old tables, chairs and sofas – even bed sofas.


As much as Franscisco is an artist, his wife is too! All the delicious things they serve is made there and they sure are mouth watering I tell you! This is a totally deli safe café for sure! *drooling*

An old Copper coffee pot

Have a look at some of the yummy cakes they offering:

The shelfs with different cakes

Kärleksmums is the Swedish word for this kind of cake, in English it would say about Love yummies, it’s very popular in Sweden, many bake it at home.

Strawberry Pie – mouth watering delicious I tell you!

There is even some pictures from the worldfamous film maker Ingmar Bergman’s movie The Shame. Ingmar Bergman lives on Fårö, though he has fenced his area of the island and he is seldom seen.


…and here is what I were choosen to eat for lunch:

Sheep Cheese Pie with tomatoes and black olives

The only drawback to sit here is that delicious SMELL of fresh baked buns and other delicious things that make me wanna eat all the time…!!!! *giggles*

Captain hungry monster Lifecruiser

Lifecruiser lifering

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25 Comments on “The deli art Strandskogen Cafe”

    Gattina said:

    That really looks very cosy and comfy ! Just ideal to spend an afternoon there when the weather is bad !Thanks very much for your birthday wishes ! The phone rang the whole morning, lol !

    Callie Ann said:

    Oh I love this post! Just beautiful. Thanks for inviting me. Happy Birthday Gattina. I also just love you header picture. That is just beautiful. Perfect post to read on a Sunday Morning in Oregon. See ya around!!!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks Callie Ann :-) Which one of the top pictures are you favoring?

    (You see, there is 4 different ones for the moment that are shown in a random style….)

    Hootin' Anni said:

    Oh I want some of those “Love Yummies”!!
    Happy Birthday Gattina.

    Caledonia said:

    Oh, those cakes look fantastic! You must have great willpower!

    kevin said:

    I am so hungry right now… this wet my appetite so bad.

    Kasia said:

    Happy Birthday Gattina!!!
    It is nice to be back here. And what a nice pattiserie you’ve got here!!! I am hungry looking at these cakes! :) And I shouldn’t eat cakes, ’cause I am constatntly putting on weight. But..on the other hand..who cares? :D DDD Cheers!

    RennyBA said:

    Thanks for reminding us about Gattina’s birthday – I’ve been there singing for her!

    I just love the combination of art and food, and if you add some nettworking, it’s about what I wrote about in my Hole Artcenter post.

    I think your summer paradize is such a great place and thank you so much for taking us with you on your daily adventures!

    mar said:

    Tell Francisco I said hola, what’s her name? maybe she can make some “tocino del cielo” as dessert for tomorrow :)
    I went over to Gattina to wish her happy bday already :)
    Those Kärleksmums looks wonderful but they are exactly what my waistline cannot afford, so you eat them for me pls.
    Don’t stop having fun, captain!

    Michelle said:

    WOW, what an incredible place to spend the afternoon! How cozy! No small wonder that someone would spend alot of time there! Enjoy!! :)

    claudie said:

    A very nice cafe, really! All at the same place! Internet connection, delicious cakes, pies, paintings, cinema art , a lovely atmospher, a warm and beautiful decoration and the most:
    so nice spanish people! A treasore on the isle Farö, The Konst Cafe!
    Happy birthday to you, Gattina!

    GadgetGirl said:

    Whoa, that is the coolest cafe. Everything looks so yummy and gooooood! I love the copper coffee pot, kettles and teacups get me excited ~ I’m weird that way.

    chase said:

    It looks like a lovely cafe. Lovely food matching with lovely artworks

    Becci said:

    Wow…such beautiful art! Happy Birthday Gattina! Callie-Ann Thanks for coming by and viewing my blog hunt photo this weekend!

    Sanni said:

    Please beam me over, Captain! It´s raining cats and dogs in Germany – that´s not the only reason why I want to leave. The magic word, besides “Captain Lifecruiser”, is: Kärleksmums. OMG, how I love these ;-)

    I´m glad to see the comfy café you´re in… hopefully this means you´ll blog often *s*


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Gattina!

    Sword Girl said:

    What a perfect place to relax and blog in. A very nice environment for all of the senses! I love the abstract art work. The food is very beautiful too! :D Glad to know y’all are in a good place. :D

    Sword Girl » Blog Archive » Sunday at the pool said:

    [...] The deli art Strandskogen Cafe by Lifecruisers! [...]

    Dot said:

    Looks like a nice place to eat, but might be hard not overeating with so much tempting food to look at.
    Give you mom a warm Hug for me even though she won`t remember who it is from. I do miss her posts and wish her the very best. I have so much respct for her. One very nice lady.

    Sanni said:

    Award alert! All abord! The Captain´s got Schmoozer Power – she´s awarded with a Schmoozer award!

    Cade@BusinessOpportunity said:

    I have to say that the food looks amazing. It is almost 1 am here, but I am going to have to go get me a treat of some kind now. There goes that diet!

    Debbie said:

    I don’t know how you do it! I would be eating all the time and not thinking about much else! What a very neat place to hang and do your blogging from!

    If the top photo to your page is any indication of how you sunbathe please use lots of sunscreen! *giggles*

    Melli said:

    LOL! I think those Kärleksmums look like American ”Brownies” … and yep – they are YUMMY! Goodness… don’t blog there TOO often!

    RennyBA said:

    ‘Can you’ cruise with us in Mariestad?

    Ev Nucci said:

    The castle looks really interesting. Boy do I have the wildest story someday to tell about Scotland. I was young…enough said!

    Ev Nucci said:

    See how crazy I am…I posted the above comment on the wrong post…ah well…you know what I meant!

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