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Our favorite stall of them all from

Last Sunday we went to a street market in Stockholm at Hornstull in the south of Stockholm city, down by the waterside.

It’s Stockholms first permanent art, music and design market which is inspired by Spitalfields in London, so it’s not quite an ordinary Christmas market as it use to be over here, but never the less, an interesting market place!

We always want to visit at least one Christmas market to get the right Christmas spirit, which have been difficult this year, very much due to the weather which has been very gray and cloudy up to this day. We need some snow to get the real Christmas spirit, despite the fact that I don’t like snow otherwise…

So here is Mr Lifecruiser at the Christmas market, obviously praying for some snow…. *giggles*

Mr Lifecruiser looking for snow

So, as the text under the top photo says, we had one stall that was our absolute favorite, because they had really gone out of their way to create a real, old fashioned Christmas styled stall, like it were back in old times here in Sweden.

Favorite Christmas market stall

I just loved this old wagon with delicious sausages. The signs says: You feel it on the taste! Dövestads (Farm in the south of Sweden) Outdoor Pigs. (Gårdsbutiken means The Farm Store).

Christmas stall with sausages

…and you must have some candid apples and almonds of course!

Candid apples

Candid almonds
The most tasty almonds I’ve tasted for years!

Another stall with nature products – some sheep furs to keep you warm maybe? We already have one we bought at Fårö last summer and I must say that it’s so cozy to feel the soft fur under your feet the first thing in the morning!

Sheep furs

Or why not something to keep your puppy warm too?

Puppy dresses

…and what about a hat as a Christmas gift? Or som cakes? Look at those fun green fake cakes in the top of the photo.

Hats and cakes

Time for some candy again, wouldn’t you say? *drooling*

Mixed chocolate candy 1

Mixed chocolate candy 2
The chocolate ball is very common here

There were only one stall that had some porcelain. We nearly bought a rectangular plate to put candles on, but backed out, not quite what we wanted even though it was nice with the hearts over the whole stall…

Stall with Porcelain

Have you seen one of those before? It’s the modern variant of oven glove, made of silicon which don’t lead heat. We tried it on and it’s quite small, it feels a bit odd to imagine to use it though.

Modern oven glove

Considering the fact that this market also were for art, we did see surprisingly few art objects and the only painting we spotted were those fun cards, mostly there were angel cards. Sorry to say, I didn’t get who did them. Shame on me.

Woman card
“I exist – isn’t that enough?!”

Personally I love the joyful style of the cards and the unique style. I loved this ones hair too. I wish I had hair like that. And no I don’t mean under her armpits or…. I mean on her head. *giggles*

We did spot some old craft stalls too, with wrought iron and handmade knifes, but they didn’t have much to sell, maybe it had been so popular that there weren’t much left.

Wrought iron

Handmade knifes

There were quite many stalls with cheese, I suppose that says rather much about us Swedes. We love cheese in all kind of tastes. Goat cheese is very popular and most of those are from goats. I love goat cheese.

Goat cheese 1

Goat cheese 2
“Say cheese!” *giggles*

Otherwise this was a market with very much vintage or retro styled (what’s the difference?) clothing and things, so it’s fun that way – doing some time travel. Though I couldn’t take many photos of the clothing since it were so crowded there. It’s very popular in Sweden nowadays, especially for youngsters.

We discovered this little girl dress, which is made from a fabric, which my sister Susan had as curtains in the seventies!!! I’ve actually seen a similar wallpaper back then too…

Girl dress of fabric from the seventies

Maybe some shoes that goes to that dress too?

Kids shoes

Remember the cartoon Tintin? There was some old posters with Tintin. Not that he was my favorite, but I still think that it is a very original comic figure.

Tintin posters 1

Tintin posters 1

Remember how fun we had with the yo-yo? There was a book about the yo-yo and the tricks you can do with it, that actually had an yo-yo built in it.

Book about the yo-yo

Do you like lizards? How about this cool lamp then? Some cool Christmas gift or what do you say?

Lizard lamp

If you happens to be in Stockholm and you haven’t been there yet, they’re having this Christmas market even this weekend, the 22-23 of December too, so just go there.

We ended the day out in the chill, with a coffeebreak at a café to warm us up and then right after that, a beautiful Christmas concert in the nearby church, Högalidskyrkan, built in 1916-1923 in Romantic nationalistic style.

Hogalidskyrkan 1

Hogalidskyrkan 2

There were Högalidskyrkans motet choir and the chamber orchestra. Their director, Göte Widlund, were very engaged in the performance and did elicit the best from the participants. Even from the audience.

Hogalidskyrkan 3

Sorry, no pictures from the performance, since I had to turn off my mobile phone to not disturb the performance.

It was a really good music event and it was finally bringing forward the true Christmas spirit in us :-)

If you like Christmas markets, I also recommend reading these posts: Christmas market in Brussels with Gattina, Winchester Christmas market with A. and Yule market in Oslo with Renny.

Or you could have a look at Tor’s snowy scenery instead. For me it’s enough to see it in pictures… Brrr…

Captain ♥Christmas Lifecruiser

17 Comments on “The Christmas Street Market at Hornstull in Stockholm”

    Mar said:

    Lucky me, I get to enjoy this wonderful market as I have an internet connection (who knows for how long!) What a great variety of goods, I could have spent a whole day there too! very beautiful Captain.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year, cheers!

    Mar’s last blog which I wish you a….

    Eric said:

    What an amazing market! Thanks for sharing those pics. I love getting glimpses of other cultures.

    Eric’s last blog post..Flu

    Maribeth said:

    Oh how wonderful!!! I love the pictures and of course your explanations too! :grin:
    I hope you and Mr. Lifecruiser have a Merry Christmas!!!

    RennyBA said:

    Lovely, well described and well documented Yule Market post (thanks for the link love to mine!).

    I don’t blame Mr. Lifecruiser as I wish for the same in Oslo!

    I wan that fur – exactly what I have in my pram when I was little and of course what I was posing on naked (at the same age LoL)

    The next pics I though was bikinis at first, but then Diane reminded me of that this was a Yule Market post *giggles*

    Wish I could be with you on that concert – it really gives the right Xmas mood I think.

    Have a great Yuletide!

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Oslo from Dusk to Dawn in December

    claudie said:

    Nice to walk in Christmas Markets all around the world. Now Christmas spirit is here on the Lifecruiser ship! I’d like to taste a swedish candid apple waiting my two daughters who are in a concert in Marseille!!

    claudie’s last blog post..Les santons de Provence

    Ev Nucci said:

    Wow….I wish I was there. I love the candy. I could eat all that chocolate. Literally every single freaking piece.

    Now there’s no babies running around here…and I’m in no hurry…but I love those. Adorable! Simply adorable Captain!

    Take me with you

    Ev Nucci’s last blog post..Inspiration for a happy holiday!

    Twisted Cinderella said:

    Great pics! I LOVE steet fairs.

    Twisted Cinderella’s last blog post..Friday Update

    Gattina said:

    That was a nice tour !! It is so interesting to see other countries Christmas markets. If I understood well you had it since always, just like in Germany, because Belgium and France took it over from Germany. When I arrived in Belgium in 1959 there were no Christmas markets.
    If ever you need some more gifts to buy but don’t know what, I have some interesting new inventions for gifts to offer.

    BTW thanks for letting me know that my comment settings were wrong. I corrected it now on all blogs. I didn’t realize.

    aka R'acquel said:

    A devine pleasure! Thank you so much for this, it helps cool things down over here considerably even though it’s been a very cold summer where i’ve had to wear my winter coat!

    Rather busy with preparations for Xmas and the New Year – wishing you all the best for the holiday season and a grand new year for 2008!

    [hugz]‘n’[much love]+uber-giggles!!!

    aka R’acquel’s last blog post..What Does 555 mean?

    kyh said:

    wonderful pictures! i wish we have some sort of market like that here…

    kyh’s last blog post..Morning mum mum, Evening yum yum

    Miracle Springs said:

    Nice pics. You go there for shopping or taking pictures for your blog? :mrgreen:

    And I used to read the TinTin comics too, though I loved Asterix & Obelix more…Reminds me of my childhood…Now you’re making me homesick..Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

    A. said:

    Thanks for the link to my post :) Yours looks like such a wionderful market – so much to see. I love the photos of the church though, very atmospheric.

    A.’s last blog post..PhotoHunter: light

    Beth from Avenue Z said:

    Ah, I adore exploring markets. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I have to say, though, that you’re making me hungry, and I’m already in trouble with all this holiday food around.

    Beth from Avenue Z’s last blog post..I can write, honest


    Now I’m hungry. Looks like a good time had by all. I would love to do this. Have a great day. Any snow yet? :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Spirit of Christmas Award

    TorAa said:

    The fact you do exist is a gift for all bloggers. Together with your loved Mr Lifecruiser – your among the finest people we have ever met. True.

    Thanks for sharing the X-Mas market

    We wish you the Best for Christmas

    love from
    Anna and Tor

    PS. More from our Silver Wedding in Argentina from Dec 26, due to Christmas. OK?

    TorAa’s last blog post..Merry Christmas

    Toni said:

    Wow, what a beautiful market with lots of interesting stuff in it :) Sometimes, in some of the Christmas markets here you only find industrial kind of stuff made in china with the same style/kind 100 million times so it’s not original at all.

    Toni’s last blog post..Christmas 2007

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    I love when you do the little tours around Sweden -gives me that much more insight as to where my ancestors on my Mom’s side of my family came from. My maternal grandfather’s family came from Dahlsland (Bolstad) and now, I can’t remember what part of Sweden my maternal grandmother’s parents came from though. I’d love to be able to visit there someday but that’s not going to happen unless I somehow manage to hit it big and win the jackpot on a lottery drawing someday. So, it’s great that you take me around and show me the sights this way.

    Jeni Hill Ertmer’s last blog post..Let’s talk! Ambivelence for openers, ok?

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