One day we got a postcard from Florence (Italy), from my sister and her husband. A real travel postcard (which is so rare nowadays!), not an online one. A somewhat unusual written one, but oh, so brutally honest – and kind of fun…

Travel postcard from Florence (Firenze), Italy

I’ll try to translate the postcard correctly for you below, since it’s so hilarious in some parts, especially if you recognize some of your own travel experiences too!

Saluti da Firenze 21th of April

Buongiorno at you!

We’re now in the west worlds cultural center! Here are so much culture that we now are giving our feet some air at the hotel room. Even the hotel room is smelling culture, as an example: the heat is not working, light bulbs are missing and the fridge – the minibar – provides warm beer. To see some light in the room, we have to climb up at a shelf in the wall where we with a certain experience can manage to open two windows shutters and then we can see the sky! Otherwise everything is peace and joy.
Greetings A and G…

I can’t help laughing, even though it shouldn’t be like that. When will it ever change, the cheating charter agencies or hotel owners, with the announced standard when buying the trip…?

And even if you buy it to a discounted rate, it still should not be like that. Period. This is why I would advise you to do more research when you are planning your trip and accommodations in Florence, Italy or any other places and have a better experience.

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4 Comments on “The Brutally Honest Postcard From Florence, Italy”

    Astrid said:

    Ah… but it’s pretty cool that your sister and her husband could see the light in the situation :D .

    Btw, I didn’t know you enjoyed receiving postcards. I must ask for your address so I can send you some on my next travels ;) .

    Diego said:

    I barely see people giving postcards. It’s nice of your sister to give you such presents. Personally, I prefer greetings on postcards than emails.


    You know what, I gave a post card to my mom who really liked it so much. She even remembered those times when she sent post cards from her travels.


    Great postcards and happy travels. :)

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