The Birthday Brain Strike

By Field Reporter: Miss Ass. Lifecruiser

Happy… That is what my daughter was last Saturday!!

She had her birthday on the Sunday so she was going to celebrate it with some friends Saturday evening…down town! They started home, with some food and drinks. Went down town to a bowling hall. She called me from there asked me for more money! And, because I’m a nice person and a good mother I was going to transfer some money and call her back. So I did..from my cellphone to her cellphone. She said, I can’t hear you, I will call you back to the home phone!! hmmm.. It wasn’t noisy here…She called me back and said..- Strange, it’s still hard to hear what you say!!! *lol*.. Nope..she’s not blond!! After a while she did get the message..more money on her account! Then she had told her friends all evening how much she did love her mother and what a wonderful person I was! The best!!! Good to know… I will NOT be late to remind her of that from time to time..*lol* ..

The evening went on and guess they or at least she … had some more to drink!! She had been sitting on the toilet talking with a girlfriend. The friend had asked her - Are you done or?? She didn’t want to spend the whole evening in the bathroom! My daughter had smiled..said yes..and went up! Her friend looked a bit daughter had forgot to take off her pants…and to lift the lid up from the friend thought she had pee’d in her pants! But… she hadn’t… she had forgot that she needed to pee!!

The evening went on in the same stile…. When it was time to leave she had been sitting and waiting for some friends, she took up her cellphone and was going to make a phone call to a boyfriend in Belgium! She was talking and talking…telling him about the night, meanwhile a friend of hers was trying to tell her that she had no money left to call for! My daughter just waved with her arm… and was putting the other hand over her ear so that she could hear the friend from Belgium! hmmm… The only thing she could hear was the voice from the phone company telling her that she did not have enough money to make a phone call!!!

Then they were waiting for the pick up to come…my daughter problem..he will be here soon. I have been calling him! Maybe in her dreams…because she didn’t even have his phone # !! So someone else called him after about half hour..*lol*.. My daughter went cold so she tried to warm up in other peoples cars… couldn’t understand why they all were jelling at her! Strange isn’t it! Don’t we all love to get a drunk girl in our cars!!! *lol*

Finally she came back home… went in to the bathroom to get undressed..she did all right! Then out in the kitchen..starting to make sandwiches…. I heard that she was braking a glass… I said.. the glass, did anything fall on the floor? I don’t want the dog to stamp on it! No no she said..I saw a broken glass here, and I did pick it up. Why was it on the floor???? hmmm… Guess! Ohh, I have no clue!! *lol*.. Back to the sandwiches. She took out butter cheese and salami from the fridge. Did forget to use butter, tried to cut the salami with the cheese cutter.. didn’t work out though the salami already was in slices! So..she did put on ALL the salami on one sandwich..looked at it and smacked it with her hand!!! Then she was putting in everything in the fridge again…the cheese with the plastic bag on top… the salami sandwich under the butter… the cheese sandwich on the bench..and..the plastic to the salami..well… she looked on it. one time..two times..tree was just not put it between the bench and the fridge???? Then she said.. Good Night..sleep well..see you tomorrow!

The next day came..she felt really good in the morning..until she saw her boots… they had high heels before she left the night before..and no heels at all this morning!!! She has no clue what so ever when she did loose them!!! *lol* Probably when they were walking outside in the snow waiting for the ride to pick them up…*lol*…

The picture proof:

Miss Ass. Lifecruisers daugthgers birthday brain strike

She is suppose to go out this Saturday as well…. just wonder what she’s gonna wear?? No way.. not my boots!! That’s for sure!!!

Chief Editors note: To be fair we must now offer the subject of the post to come forward and defend her self. We’ll see if she have something to add to this fabulous story!

Comments on The Birthday Brain Strike

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    Mrs Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Not mine either… Pheww, luckily there is some distance between us!

  • 2
    sisiggy UNITED STATES said:

    I think finding out what one looks like and does while drunk makes you think twice when ordering another round.
    My father used to vacuum outside our door whenever he knew we’d been out late (vacuuming was never my father’s job, unless we had…), greet us with a loud and chipper “Good morning!” and cook something bound to turn our stomachs like sausage. We really had to decide if the drinking was worth the torture he was going to put us through the next morning.

  • 3
    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    The offer had nothing to say to her defense! She’s just a bit worried because she’s going out tonight as well… I have been hiding my boots!!! She’s waiting for me and Mrs.Lifecruiser to do something to get even with us…I just say..wait and dream on baby!! *lol*

  • 4
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Ahhh, Sisiggy, your father seems to have been very smart *lol*

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