Like most people, you probably spend 40 or 50 hours a week on the job. This is what it takes to earn a living and make ends meet, but in the process, you sacrifice your free time. After a long hard day at the office, you probably have little energy and time for projects around the house. As a result, goals and hobbies get pushed aside. If you’re tired of living for your job, why not make the most of the weekends?

We’ve done our home projects like this while planning and waiting for our next travel destination. It’s a great opportunity to use that restless feeling to do something useful when being stuck at home for a while. It’s also an excellent way to get some exercise without having to go to the gym.

Here’s a list of five possible projects that you can enjoy on the weekends.

1. Decorate your house. Coming home to bare, white walls everyday may feel like you’re living in a mental institution. Spend the weekends sprucing up your living space and creating the home of your dreams. Projects might include painting your walls, hanging wallpaper, hanging curtains or shopping for wall decor. Devote an entire weekend to one room in your house, and you can have a fully decorated room in about two months.

2. Clean out the clutter. Closets, garages, attics and basements can store a lot of unused junk. De-clutter your home and free up space. Start in one area of your home and resolve to de-clutter and organize this space on the weekends. Create different piles and designate items to donate, sell or throw away. This could be especially useful before a future move if you like us are saving for more travel by compact living. Maybe even install shelves to better organize the spaces and avoid future clutter.

3. Work on your book. Maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming an author, but haven’t had the time to start writing about your travel adventures. Rather than waste away on the couch every weekend, use this as your opportunity to start your book. Use your travel diary to brainstorm different writing ideas, and don’t forget the necessities such as printer ink, printer paper and envelops to mail pitches to editors.

4. Put your shop skills to good use. If you’re a handyman but don’t have time to build things for the house, the weekends are perfect to rediscover your craft. Maybe you’ve put off building a desk for yourself or items for your children, such as a dollhouse or treehouse. With building skills you can also improve your house – building a fence, a shed or a new deck.

5. Do a DIY Outdoor Project. Improve your landscaping with mulch, new shrubbery and flowers. You might also power wash your house or give your fence a fresh coat of paint. Home improvement is something you could fill almost all your time with so all it takes is picking a project and getting the materials to get to work.

You’re no doubt tired after a long week. However, completing projects can create a sense of accomplishment. And once the project is complete, you’ll be happy that you made the sacrifice.

Even if you’re away on trips often, it’s nothing like coming home again and especially if you have your own home design style.

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