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I’ve been ignoring the boxes with the porcelain, the hallway closet and bathroom. It’s much more easy to come up with a million other things to do…. *lol*

So what have we been up to?

- Done backups of photos, June and forward
- Washed the car before yearly safety inspection
- Bought 4 of our christmas gifts
- Get lights for our recently cleaned closets
- Get clothes hangers with the same style
- Fixed cables hanging loose on the wall
- Cleaned and oiled kitchen oak table
- Get new red curtains for the livingroom
- Ironed Christmas curtains & cloths
- Get wooden blinds for the windows

Getting the closet lights (2) that works on batteries and the clothes hangers (32 + 3) with the same style were the easiest tackle.

Lifecruisers closet battery light  Lifecruisers closet hangers  Lifecruisers closet hanger

*Remember, we live compact living and don’t know for how long we’ll stay here, so we must find cheap solutions, but yet practical.

Our kitchen bar tables have a tendency to collect things…. Besides that, it really was about time to oil the second table, Mr L oiled the first one weeks ago. You can’t see much difference in the picture, because it’s the already oiled one that’s nearest the camera.

Lifecruisers kitchen bar table before  Lifecruisers kitchen bar table after

At last: the wooden blinds! Hurray! (Maybe even the neighbours agree here) So now we can go naked to eat our night sandwich without having all the neighbours or the street walkers staring at us ;-).

Lifecruisers kitchen window before  Lifecruisers kitchen window after

It may not sound like a difficult tackle, but it was not that easy to find blinds in the right size, price and color - it involved 2 returns to the store - not to mention to install them properly.

Lifecruisers bathroom window before  Lifecruisers bathroom window after

See what ugly windows we have in this apartment? They really needed to be camouflaged!

We do have a problem. We don’t want to raise the blinds - we want to fold the blinds all the time ;-).

Note to myself: Always check the blinds…

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10 Comments on “The Big Blinds”

    R'acquel AUSTRALIA said:

    Another busy day by the sounds of it with delightful updates, especially for christmas. I like the blinds & lovely wooden table you have there. Hot 31C day here {phew!} that means walking around the house in underwear today. No need to close the blinds when we have trees here. Could never walk butt naked without blinds tho! lol

    Lifecruiser: Ahhhh, I got stucked on your words about 31°C… I so wish I were there right now and not here! We have totally darkness and rain…. Today it was a bit windy too, I hate that. Brrr.

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Gee, I am already tired reading all these tuckles ! I am a lazy person against you ! But have to say for my excuse, a lot of them we did last year. And it’s funny I had the same kitchen curtains like you but after 15 years I had enough and took them off ! And in the living room I also have red curtains since early this year !
    It’s a pitty that you put stores on, if I stop with my cruise for visiting the queen, how can I look through your windows then and admire a beautiful scene ?

    Lifecruiser: Well, you said it yourself, you did your bit last year, when we were lazy on vacation to first U.S and then Paraguay and Brazil. WE get our punishment now…. *lol*

    Ask the Paparazzi’s, I’m sure they have a lot of guidance for you… Ha, ha,ha….


    :-) Everything looks so nice. Pretty soon you will be afraid to go into your apartment because you won’t want to mess it up..

    Lifecruiser: It’s pretty safe: the weather is going to stop us. In fact, remember, we use to go into hibernation, so now with the new blinds we just shut them and stay at home and don’t have to even see the bad weather. OK, we have to go out for certain necessaritys….


    Man, I’m out of breath just READING your post! Very inspiring. I’m hitting the gym today and hope I have energy to tackle half of what you’ve done. And that will take me all week, too. ;)

    Lifecruiser: Oooops, you’ve just said something we haven’t done… Whispering: The gym… Schh… Does tackles count as exercise….?

    Wystful1 UNITED STATES said:

    First things first! Just to get this off my mind and on to important things like oil and blinds and tackling!—-

    Now when you and Mr. L make your sandwiches in the nude—please be sure you watch just WHERE that sandwich spread goes!!!—could be dangerous. I mean–mayonaise can become a bit sloppy on heated sandwiches!!! But the tang of mustard just may be what zest is needed!!! Oh and make sure the new blinds are down!!!

    Now on to my comment –I love the work you’re doing!! Super job.

    Happy Tuesday Mrs. L!!!!

    Lifecruiser: Oil, blinds, tackling and nude, that sounds like a very interesting mixture won’t you say? *lol* Mayo…. hm…. you gave us an idea there… but Mustard???? Holy sh*t, that is HOT STUFF! I don’t want certain things to fall off *grin*


    They look great! :-) Good job finding ones that worked just right.

    You sound like you got a lot done this week - good for you!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Janice. Yes, we’re quite happy with the result - and more is coming :-)


    hi, where did you get your wooden plates. that is such a central american thing! i love them

    Lifecruiser: I love them too. We bought them at a medevial fare in the island Gotland outside Swedens east coast. They are handmade by a man from Gotland. Very, very nice :-)


    Oooh! I especially love the kitchen window and the wooden blinds! You seem to live in a very comfy home! :lol:

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. We do our best despite the limits :-)


    Nice job! You’re really making your tackle it tuesdays work for you! I think I need to do Tackle it Today to make any dent of the stuff I need to do around here! lol

    Lifecruiser: Well, I can only give you a good luck kick in your butt ;-)

    Jenn UNITED STATES said:

    Great job :shock: it’s amazing to see what can be done - it looks great!!!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. Yes, doesn’t it? We’re so pleased!

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