No matter whether you’re a proficient diver or are planning on exploring the underwater world for the first time, Hurghada is the place to visit. There are a good range of local diving schools with experts who can show you around some of the enchanting deep sea sites. This article highlights a few of the places that you might want to check out.

Shaab El Erg

You’ll want to bring an underwater camera to take shots of the bottom feeding eels and colourful fish at this site. If you make a mid-week dive then there’ll also be the opportunity to spot dolphins making their way through the aptly named dolphin house. And depending upon the time of year that you visit it may even be possible to swim beside the Manta ray.

Abu Hashish

This shallow dive site is absolutely ideal for anybody who has minimal diving experience. It’s name relates to the sea grasses that wave gently beneath the paddling feet of underwater explorers. It is usual to encounter puffer fish, crab and cuttlefish as you swim through the crystal clear waters in this area.

El Mina

It is worth buddying up with an experienced diver for the underwater trip to this Egyptian minesweeper. As you make your way through the wreck you will come across aircraft weapons and different kinds of ammunition, used in the 6 day war. You can recount the unique experience with a cool refreshing beverage at one of the Hurghada bars as the day comes to a close.

Umm Qamar

The travel team responsible for organising Directline-holidays to Hurghada have received plenty of positive reviews regarding this diving site. Some people have commented upon the awe inspiring sea mountains and caves. Others have been pleasantly surprised by the diversity of fish to be seen swimming near the wreckage of the Colona IV safari boat.

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    Diving is one of the most exciting activities in the world.. in my opinion at least. Not only that you’ll get to experience and explore the marine nature, you also get to find (if you’re lucky) some treasures of the ocean. And these diving sites in Hurghada seems like a perfect place to visit, for pros and newbies alike. Great post! :)


    I got a taste of diving when I was in Costa Rica a couple years ago. It wasn’t the best or clearest but I loved it! And it definitely got me excited to do it again. Thanks for sharing these recommendations.


    It wasn’t until I started diving myself, that I finally realized why divers obsess over finding new spots. Now I’m on a mission to dive at least three great sights a year. Thanks for inspiring me to add 4 more places to my ever growing list.

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