Taking a highland tour

We’re leaving home heading for the Scottish highlands. We’ve been there before but wanted to go back again. It’s a really beutiful landscape and the Scottish people are really nice and friendly. We enjoyed our stay very much last year.

There is so much to see and do over there. The stunning nature, spotting seals - even dolphins if you’re lucky - the old castles, gardens, golf courses and drinking a beer or two at an old pub – could it be more relaxing?

Have you ever seen and heard a bagpiper in real life? It’s both fun and amazing to see them squeeze the bag bringing out loud noises like someone who is killing the cat or something. Fantastic!

This time we’re even taking a ride by an old steam train, the Jacobite, which runs on a outstanding path out to the west coast.

We’ll come back with a full report when we’re home again after the 21th of June, but we’ll even try to send some short reports along the way. Be sure to surf back here!

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The Jacobite steam train

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