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Uh? No. Yes. Cool “Stockholmska”.

Normally (if there is such words for us ;-) we don’t need booze to have fun, but there is emergencys, when we’re in backseats of cars drinking whisky (and having toot ache). The rest doesn’t counts. The Dom Perignon, Campari, Beer – that’s just light stuff ;-)

Chore I hate
Mrs Lifecruiser: Ironing, which is ironic, since I have a lack of Iron now… I avoid to buy clothes that needs to be ironed. And there have been times when I went out to buy new clothes instead of ironing the one I had. I just couldn’t do it. But do notice: I have been ironing Mr Lifecruiser shirts – that’s what I call LOVE!
Mr Lifecruiser: Vacuum cleaning. Unless it’s done with our own housekeeping method #2.

Dog or cat
Yep, Love them all.

Essential Electronics
Mrs Lifecruiser:
1. Refrigerator – with FOOD ‘n DRINKS to keep the hungry monster calm and quiet…*drooling heavily*
2. Computer – need I say more?!
3. My baby Sam (camera) – to explore all the wonders in this wonderful world.
4. Stereo – music makes me high of joy.
5. Electric Shaver – you don’t want to se me grow leg sideburns or leg moustaches, do you? (Don’t answer that!)
Mr Lifecruiser:
1. Computer – for work and pleasure (netpoker).
2. Phone – so my customers can disturb my sweet dreams (and talking in the sleep) early in the morning. I’m usually not in shape to speak with them then…
3. Camera – to take embarrassing pics of Mrs Lifecruiser.
4. Stereo – for dancing with Mrs Lifecruiser.
5. Electric Shaver – to please Mrs Lifecruiser ;-)

Favorite perfume
Mrs Lifecruiser: Mr Lifecruiser, Food, Horse manure, Rotten seaweed, Wet dogs, Forrest, Sea, Dom Perignon.
Yep, I’m crazy. No doubt about that. Crazy in LIFE. Have you ever stopped to think about all the wonderful things life has to offer? Simple things like these in my list can actually be divine – comparing to not experience them at all. There is so many things that we take for granted here in life, that actually is every day miracles.
Mr Lifecruiser: Mrs Lifecruiser, Freshly baked buns, Food, Sea, Rotten seaweed, Whisky.
And you could beleive that I would add Farts here, but that’s just something in the air ;-)

Gold or silver
To speak is Silver, silence is Gold. (Old saying)

Singing loudly with horrible voices: “Stockholm i mitt hjärta….”

Only if we giggles too much :-D

Job Title
Mrs Lifecruiser: Consultant/Project Manager (IT)
Mr Lifecruiser: Company owner/Marketing Economist
Nah, that sounded so boring, urrrk. Lets say: Lifecruisers, Enjoy’ers, Lovers.

Mrs Lifecruiser: 6 – my siblings kids – almost adults.
Mr Lifecruiser: 1 daughter, almost 22 years old.

Living arrangements
We travel as much as possible when health and wallet allows it. Living in a small apartment – not much to clean up :-) , have a small bed (width 35 inches) and enjoy the closeness. It’s especially good for my back with Mr Lifecruiser as an radiator…

Most admirable trait
We have a strong beleive in Love.

Number of sexual partners
0 + 0 – Never had any sexual partners, only Love partners ;-)

Overnight hospital stays
Mrs Lifecruiser: Once when I was about 2 years old, I had some abscess on my stomach somewhere that they wanted to investigate further. I don’t know if they did what they should, but it was gone later anyway. I only know that they called my mother the day after and begged her to come and fetch me, because I had been screaming since she left me the day before… Stubborn already at that age, huh? Next time wasn’t until last year when they surfed around inside me to get my appendix out. I was in a hurry to get out of there this time too… or maybe they didn’t want me there this time either…?
Mr Lifecruiser: One time because of dizziness – and it was not caused by alcohol – or when I saw Mrs Lifecruiser the first time either ;-)

Nothing. A little scared of heights… but we love to fly!


Mrs Lifecruiser: Love and food and computers.
Mr Lifecruiser: Love and golf. Hole in one ;-)

3 + 3 = 6. Not much to say about them – they are related to us aren’t they…? That says it all.

Time I wake up
Tricky question… It depends on when we go to bed… and if we fall a sleep… or if we start giggling… and goes up again to get a snack…or having one of our famous morning dinners….

We just can’t answer this question!!!!

Unusual talent or skill
Our staying awake record is 37,5 hours…. Say no more.
Mr Lifecruiser: I have an incredible ability to hit what I aim for, in darts, golf or love :-)
Mrs Lifecruiser: I’m unusually talented in being myself and enjoying it.

Vegetable I refuse to eat
Dirty ones….

Worst habit
Mrs Lifecruiser: Nosepicking Mr Lifecruiser or Farting.
Mr Lifecruiser: Farting in my sleep or my catastrophy fantasies.

Mr Lifecruiser: Knees, arms, stomach, brain, neck.
Mrs Lifecruiser: Left arm, knees, stomach, spine, but ooops – they missed the brain…

Yummy foods I make
That would take the rest of our lifes to write, so let’s just say: everything all the time!

Zodiac sign
Mrs Lifecruiser: Libra. Mr Lifecruiser: Taurus.

Swedish add:

Ã…ngrar ingenting. (Regrets nothing)

Älskar att älska. (Love to Love)

Fårö for ever! (Fårö=Swedish island (Ö=island) that we visit every summer)

We’re tagging all bloggers that want to be tagged. Hell, the whole blog universe…

10 Comments on “Tags from A to Z”

    Leslie UNITED STATES said:

    You folks are wonderful! I’d be delighted to know you!

    skye UNITED STATES said:

    Loved getting to know you two better. You’re such a cute couple, and obviously very compatible. :smile:

    Kasia POLAND said:

    What a great great post! i do hope it is not the last alphabetical post you are going to write!
    Staying awake is really impressive – i would not be able to think for the next month!

    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    A beautiful column does everything for guys hawking industrious jokes. Know: later messages now open paths, quintessential roads, somewhat tersely undermining volition. What xeric, yearning zealots!

    Just a first try at word-games. I will have a go at the alphabet tag thing myself, but it might take awhile as you can see from my eccentric reply.

    I love it when a blog tickles my heart and mind as yours so often does!

    Lifecruiser said:

    We would be delighted to know you too Leslie :-)

    Thank you Skye, we are. Compatible I ment, not so cute – when we’re farting :-) )))

    Kasia: that was really strange that time, because it went so easy to stay awake. We don’t understand how… Yes, we’re often up late in nights, but that was extreme. You heard of people using drugs to stay awake, but not us.
    Ah, now I got it: maybe it was our own love potion…?!!!

    Napfisk: Excellent!!! And thanks for your nice words. We really enjoy your blog too – especially the varation of subjects. Never know what to expect, that’s just wonderful!

    Lifecruiser said:

    That’s why I’m not tagging any one particular – it should a pleasure to do it, not a coercion :-)

    …and this was a pretty long one… pheeeew…

    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    As you’re probably aware, I gave up doing tags as a new years resolution.

    Oh and I loved your ‘you think ironing is IRONic hehe

    Mandy :)

    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    Long, yes, but you two did a fantastic job with it. It’s really nice to find out more about you. Thanks for the added Swedish. A 35 inch bed, that would account for all that giggling.

    Walker CANADA said:

    This was great.
    Great questions and answers.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks Dave – and Walker :-)

    We thought it was fun doing it!

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