Because of the totally gorgeous warm and sunny spring weather, we were practically forced to escape by a roadtrip today… We ended up taking a refreshing and relaxing stroll along the shore of Sigtunafjärden (lake), about 40-50 kilometer north-west of Stockholm.

Sigtuna sea view benches, Sweden

This is just one of my iPhone photos from that walk, it did involve some other interesting photos too – and yes, it included a fika (Swedish for coffeebreak) with the very Swedish Semla bun.

Sigtuna is a very lovely little town, well wort a visit, with a nice main shopping street and many charming old buildings.

You can see Lifecruiser Sigtuna Photos at Flickr.

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We’re busy planning our Europe trip (plus fixing my computer), so I just thought that I should remind you about all our earlier travel photos, which you can find at Flickr.

Click here to see Lifecruiser Travel Photo Folders at Flickr, as a kind of virtual travel – or as inspiration for your future travel destinations.

Don’t miss that you can watch them as slideshows too!

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Travelers always want some help during the trips and one of the places to get help is from mobile phone apps. I found two great free iPhone apps helping you to get snow information that can be downloaded from App Store.

  1. Salomon Powfinder: The number one app for you that need accurate new snow forecasts for Europe and North America, helping you finding the deepest snow, new areas and resort details. Powder is guaranteed. Share the dumping with your friends.
  2. Snörapporten: Number one app for finding all kind of snow information in Sweden. If you can’t understand Swedish you still can use it. Use Google to translate the few words and you’ll understand much of it anyway. Everything you need to know from about 70 ski travel destinations in Sweden.
    (from MobisleApps AB / SLAO)

Not that we will use any of those apps ourselves, no, we’re now too old to go skiing – at least our bodies are, not our minds! (Ha ha…)

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