Surfer at Playa de la Arena at Tenerife Island by Lifecruiser

We’re not the only ones that love Playa de la Arena - obviously the surfers did love it too, because it were a bit windy with great waves the day we were there.

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Playa de la Arena Tenerife Island by Lifecruiser

Playa de la Arena is located in the west coast of Tenerife Island, nearby Los Gigantes and Puerto Santiago, almost joint together and a well worth stop when coming from Los Gigantes.

It’s awarded the European blue flag for being one of Tenerife’s most beautiful natural black lava sand beaches - a left over from the volcanic time.

The sand weren’t that black though, I’ve seen one really black beach at Lanzarote Island, another of the Canary Islands.

The street along the beach is really nice with some nice places to sit and rest too, as well some shop and restaurants on the opposite side of the street.

Playa de la Arena sidewalk, Tenerife Island by Lifecruiser

We didn’t shop anything though. Mostly because… guess why…? Yes! The Captain was very, very hungry. *giggles*

We found Restaurant Neptuno down at the beach frontline instead where a lot of people did choose to wait for the romantic sunset outside the terrace by the sea.

Playa de la Arena seaside terrace, Tenerife Island by Lifecruiser

We moved into their terrace tables and had our dinner there, starting with a warming soup….

…and after that my memory is completely blank when it comes to what we did eat. It was something Spanish and it must have gone down fast!

It was cold this evening so in the end, we were the only ones left out there - refusing to give up, shaking from the cold, even though warm on the inside of love - and some wine.

Restaurant Neptuno, Playa de la Arena, Tenerife by Lifecruiser

It must have been our Swedish Viking blood, longing to conquer the sea…. *giggles*

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Los Gigantes Tenerife Island by Lifecruiser

The Cliffs of the Giants (Acantilados de los Gigantes) is a very popular tourist attraction in Tenerife’s west coast. It’s very spectacular massive rock cliffs in the Atlantic ocean with a height of about 500-600m.

There is a resort town of Los Gigantes down there with a small port and lots of restaurants.

If we had arrived earlier that day, we would have tried to get out in a boat to see them from the seaside. I’m sure that’s the only way to understand how majestic they really are.

I’ve read somewhere that ancestors considered them to be sacred and that the world ended there.

It didn’t really felt like that for us, since we were on our way to explore the rest of the island after that…

Lifecruiser Los Gigantes