When we were on a roadtrip in Spain I spotted this funny toilets sign in a Mexican restaurant. Of course I could not resist to take a photo…

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Have you found any other funny toilet signs? Please share in our comments!

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Wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There is nothing like escaping to enjoy a pleasant glass of red, white or rose in the sun with a good book. Finding the best wines in the world, though, is no walk in the park. If you’re planning on going on such a quest, get yourself some cheap holiday insurance and jet off to give your taste buds the time of their life.

Here are some places you might want to consider to sample some of the best wines in the world.

vinyard-travel-caliterraImage courtesy of Vina Caliterra


As every wine fan knows, some of the finest wines known to man are products of the beautiful Italian countryside. The sangiovese is perhaps the most famous grape in Italian wine production, with red wines such as the Chianti Classico and Montefalco Rosso delighting wine fans around the world. The vineyard at Villa Vignamaggio in Tuscany is one of notable quality and is well worth a visit.


France is another great wine-making region in Europe. The French take great pride, as with most things they do, in their wine production and have produced and, of course, are still producing wines to rival all others. Wines from the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions are perhaps the most famous and most loved French wines across the world. For some of the tastiest white wines you will ever set on your tongue, pay a visit to Sancerre or, for that matter, any of the vineyards in the Loire Valley region.


A pattern is emerging here. Yes, another European winemaking giant is Spain. It would be sacrilegious to leave Spain off this list, especially considering that it is currently the third biggest wine exporter in the world. Rioja, which is located in the north of the country, is a popular Spanish winemaking region across the globe. If you get a chance to visit Spain, make sure you sample some of the wines from the La Rioja Alta vineyard.


The Hunter Valley region in Australia is famous the world over for the quality of its wines and, precisely because of this quality, it is one of the largest exporters of wine in the world. New South Wales is home to some fantastic vineyards; Tyrell’s, in particular, is one of the most famous ones in the region. This vineyard has been family owned for almost a century and a half and still offers tours and opportunities to have picnics in the vines.


South America in itself is generally excellent for wine production, but Chile certainly stands out from the crowd. There are virtuoso winemakers to be found the entire length of the country, the majority of which are well and truly part of the international exportation business these days. Concha y Toro is perhaps the most famous wine to come out of Chile – the vineyard is located in the Maipo region of the country, which is probably one of the country’s most established regions for winemaking.

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Some years ago we did a very long road trip (from Sweden) to and within Spain, mostly in Andalusia in the south of Spain, making us wanna plan more costa del sol holidays in the future.

Costa del Sol means the sunny coast of Spain, which is stretching along over 150-160 kilometers of the Malaga province – from Manilva in the west to Nerja in the east, though some also say Cadiz – Motril.

es-nerja-view, Costa del Sol, Spain

Many of the most well known Spanish towns is situated in Costa del Sol. If you have been there and have some special experiences or places to share with us, please do.

We did drive through most of the Mediterranean coastline, making stops here and there, but we were also taking some roads up in the mountains too. There are so many wonderful places to explore, so many interesting rural villages. We could go on for ages.

Some of the most known places go to are Malaga, Marbella, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Sotogrande, Granada, Cordoba, Almeria among others – often ending with a visit to the British Gibraltar. We recommend to go along the coastline one way and then through the mountains the other way. There are special mountain routes, check with the tourist office.

Costa del Sol has many fine sand beaches and a mild climate, which obviously have made thousands of tourists coming there year after year. I remember hearing the local names many years back in time from now. My mother has been to a lot of the places in the sixties and seventies.

Even though I think of Seville when it comes to Flamenco and bull fights, we discovered that the Malaga province also has their share of it too.

Many towns has gone from being fortifications from the beginning to become successful producers of different kind of groceries like vegetables, olive oil or goat milk.

We did stay for several days in the Nerja town to relax before heading home again. Nerja is a very nice little town, even though there are a lot of tourists. Personally we like an alternate of both authentic villages and tourist places on our road trips, so this was a perfect stop after being up in the mountains.

es-nerja-balcony-europe, Costa del Sol, Spain

The Balcon de Europa (Balcony of Europe), was constructed around 1487, a former 9th Century Castle, now a viewing point at sea with an absolutely magnificent promenade walkway along the edge of a cliff.

There are also the Nerja caves in the limestone hills, discovered in 1959 and one of Spain’s major tourist attractions. It has a natural amphitheatre in one of the chambers where concerts sometimes is hold. Check out the schedule if you are going there, it must be an awesome sound experience.

We ended our Spanish roadtrip at Malaga airport and were also returning our rental car at the airport, very convenient indeed.

Next time we will go to Costa del Sol, it’s very possible we will go to any of the fantastic golf courses Costa del Sol offer, especially around Marbella, Estepona and Manilva. Very popular holiday choices for golfers.

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