Valley in Anaga area, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

Tenerife is one of Spain’s volcano islands with a landscape similar to a desert at some places, but it also has the very opposite: very green areas. You can get it all at this island.

One of those green areas are Anaga up on the north tip of the island, which we could explore a bit of one of our days there. Unfortunately not enough, but it gives a picture of it.

This region still hides small picturesque villages, cut off from the main roads and perhaps even the rest of the world?

This might be the real hidden Tenerife. It’s said that there still are some people living in adapted caves there. I sure would have loved to meet a genuine caveman!

The road goes along the Anaga massif with a couple of fabulous Mirador-spots (View spots). Make sure you got plenty of time when going there, so you can make plenty of stops and some detours at the few places it’s possible.

A green valley in Anaga area, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

As in other places at Tenerife Island, there was mountains to drive up and down, with breathtaking views. Despite its generally rather modest elevations, the Cruz de Taborno has a height of 1,024 meters.

At one spot along the road, we were literally driving at the top edge of the mountain and this rock below was the absolute top.

A top rock on the edge of a mountain in Anaga area, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

It’s a pity that I couldn’t show you how high up we were at this point, but I took the photo from the car and there was vegetation at the sides, so it would not have shown anyway.

I must compliment Tenerife (and actually all we have seen of Spain) for their excellent care of their roads though. Everywhere they were as well taken care of as you see in our photos from there. No problems at all.

At one point we got to see those awesome rock formations, like sea stacks, but on land and looking like some kind of figures, at least one of them or what do you think?

Rock standings on a mountain in Anaga area, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

This road trip was something different than other mount trips we’ve made. Beautiful in another way with it’s green valleys, not only breathtaking views because of the heights, but also with interesting mountain ranges.

Not scary heights, just relaxing, beautiful views. No need to be covered in sweat when arriving the goal, as I use to be…

View of Anaga mountains meeting the sea, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

We did spot some wanderers on the road a couple of times and I think there are some over-night cottages or similar at some spots in the area, well worth to investigate if you’re into hiking in the mountains.

When coming down at the north-north-west side of the island you really get to see the mountain ranges dropping down to the sea.

View of Anaga mountains meeting the sea, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

The road really went down to the sea level from there, making me wonder if it can be flooded if the Sea is high.

There are two beaches on this coastline: Playa de Almaciga and Playa de Los Roques, both with black sandy beaches and as we could see: popular for surfers.

View of Almaciga area by the sea, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

There even was a small surf bar, probably very popular during summertime.

We went back home just before the sun did set since I don’t like to be up in the mountain in the darkness. We just had time enough to get down from the Anaga mountains before it turned real black.

When going South again we did choose another way than the usual TF-1 highway which we already had traveled so many times. We tried the smaller C-822 in hope to see some small villages along the road.

It turned out to be not so good idea when you’re afraid of heights. There were no signs on our map that this would be such a curvy mountain road, but it is!

Mountain road in the dark, Tenerife South road C-822, Photo by Lifecruiser

Behind that road fence, it’s steep, right downhill the high mountain side, so we had to drive slowly, in case we should meet some one. This was how the road looked like for very long.

By now I was covered in sweat, we had to turn back to the highway again at the first place we could, because I really couldn’t stand it.

No matter how romantic it truly was totally alone with only the moon shining…

Lifecruiser Anaga


Las Galletas, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

The beach in the small village of Las Galletas, in the South of Tenerife Island. One of the shortest road trips we made when we were there in January, to the next village.

The Marina over there had an interesting blue building.

Las Galletas Marina, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

By the Sea were a nice walkway, which we did walk along several times. It doesn’t look much at this photo below, but it was popular, not only by us, but of a lot of people – all places were full.

It was such a lovely weather, warm and sunny, so we wanted to sit down at one of the restaurants and enjoy. Finally we found two free chairs.

Las Galletas Beach Walkway, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

After that we went for a walk around the village, but it was during siesta time, so not much were open. We didn’t mind since we were there to just have a look around and maybe find some nice photo objects.

This shop entrance was one of the things we did catch, quite creative mind that come up with this, wouldn’t you say?

Las Galletas Shop Entrance, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

If the walkway were quite gray and dull-looking, there were obviously a lot of other more colorful findings to make around there!

Another painting that got my attention were a Hip Hop shop. At first sight I thought it were just Graffiti on the wall.

Las Galletas Hip Hop Shop, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

I guess this car has some connection with the Hip Hop shop above….

Lion Painting, Las Galletas, Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

There were a couple of more photos taken there, but I placed them in the general photo folder where you can see all Lifecruiser’s Tenerife photos so far.

Lifecruiser Las Galletas Colors


Mountain Rainbow at Tenerife, Photo by Lifecruiser

One of the most magic things we get to see when we’re out on a trip is the rainbow. Here over the mountains at Tenerife Island, Spain, in January 2009.

Even the clouds gives an unreal touch. Soft like cotton.

….and so is this video:

If you’re not somewhere over the rainbow after watching the touching video with Connie Talbot above, your heart must be of stone!

Lifecruiser Rainbows