The tower of Menestralia from the road, Majorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

When driving the road from Palma to Alcudia, in the Campanet region in Mallorca – maybe 3-4 km before reaching Alcudia – we could see the tower of Menestralia and decided to see if there were a restaurant where we could eat.

Yep! There it was, our saver in the need. A really nice restaurant with lots of free tables.

Menestralia restaurant entrence, Majorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

To our delight there were also a big and delicious buffet! We had come exactly to the right place without even plan too. There were so much food there, we didn’t even know what everything was… We sure did have a look around though!

We came at the right time too, because when arriving, there were only a few tables occupied, but after sitting there just a short while, the restaurant suddenly were full. Talk about right timing.

Since we were coming direct from the airport, just with the detour to pick up our rental car, we were very hungry at that time – as you also can see of Jane’s concentration on the food…

Menestralia table, Majorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

I love finding restaurants like this one, where the locals like to eat – I could tell that we were the only ones not speaking Spanish at least. It was nice sitting there among all the Majorca families.

Since it were the 1st of May, it were a holiday and I guess that’s why the glass making factory beside the restaurant were closed while we were there, arriving in the afternoon. Such a pity!

We had to be satisfied with admiring the wonderful old building it were situated in instead. Not so bad that either….

Menestralia glass making factory, Majorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

Remember that rainy weather I wrote about in my last post? Funny thing was: the closer we got to Alcudia, the better the weather turned out…

Lucky us!

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Lifecruiser Menestralia


Finally, after hubby have been teasing poor Jane for months about her trip-gift from us, the secret destination, she got to know where she was going – but not until we checked in at the airport! Then she knew that she were flying to Palma, Majorca, but not where to after that.

Flight route Stockholm - Palma, Photo by Lifecruiser

Our trip this time was a charter trip with one of Sweden’s biggest and well known charter company: Ving. This was our first time traveling with Ving actually.

The flight were with Thomas Cook Airlines on an Airbus A330-300, a quite comfortable and spacy airplane.

Flight interior Airbus A330-300, Palma flight, Photo by Lifecruiser

I really appreciate when you’re able to follow the whole flight route as well as some other facts of the flight on the flight monitor all the time – even the start and landing.

I’m not so sure you’ll appreciate it if you’re afraid of flying though – like Jane who thought it was a scary sight. I guess it can be different for different persons – what do you think?

Flight instruments on flight monitor Airbus A330-300, Palma flight, Photo by Lifecruiser

The flight went extremely well, no bumps when flying over the mountains either thankfully. No annoying passengers, nice flight staff and service.

Actually this was the first time that we didn’t booked flight meal, because we always find them so poor. This was also the first time that we thought the flight meal sounded rather good, so we almost regretted it – but only almost! We had snacks with us.

What was annoying though, was that when landing in Palma the weather looked like this:

Flight interior Airbus A330-300, Palma flight, Photo by Lifecruiser

Oh, no! Here we’re going on a sun vacation with Jane since she really wanted to go to somewhere warm and sunny and we’re facing this horrible rainy and cold weather!

No, it was not me with my bad weather curse who brought the bad weather (this time), they had it before we arrived there, I swear.

So, how did it go with the rest of the trip and the weather? Actually it got better and better the closer we got to our beach destination, so we were happy as a kid on Christmas…

Our hotel was excellent, with the very best location and there really are a satisfying selection of Hotels in Palma de Mallorca to choose from, whatever you have in mind for your vacation.

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Sunbeds at Alcudia Beach, Mallorca, Photo by Lifecruiser

Our secret destination was Alcudia Beach, Mallorca island in Spain. A gorgeous paradise beach with the finest white sand and turquoise-blue water.

After being there the past week I’m certain that it’s Mallorca’s best beach – I’m sure you understand me when I tell you that I didn’t want to leave!!!

More about Alcudia and our photos comes in the following post, I just wanted to show you a small taste of it now.

Lifecruiser Alcudia Beach