Bodypainted ants IMG_2890

The bodypainting contest we recently attended certainly made me wordless! We saw so many creative paintings. This is just one of the models bellies.

Wanna see more? Come back later… In the meantime have a look at other Wordless Wednesday partici-p-ants…

Lifecruiser Bodypainted Ants


Lifecruiser edited photo of black horse
Wordless Wednesday

We did meet one of Kari’s beautiful horses in Norway and had a wordless conversation with her. Don’t you think the photo turned out well? *giggles*

OK, I admit that I’ve manipulated her hair mane color to be more red, it’s actually black with a bit of brown in it. I thought she should be more Halloween styled!

Lifecruiser Hallowhinny


Lifecruiser view over Oslofjord
Wordless Wednesday

Oslofjorden is a very beautiful bay in the south east of Norway, which we saw in our Norway trip, both on the way to visit Kari and then after that TorAa and Anna.

They have this gorgeous view every day from their summer house. Lucky them!

According to Wikipedia:

“A fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides, created in a valley carved by glacial activity.

In spite of its name, the Oslofjord is not, geologically speaking, a fjord. In historical times, it was known by the current name of the region, Viken (the bay); it is unclear when (and for what reason) the body of water acquired its current name.”

It’s about 100 km long, stretching from the Skagerrak in the south, to the capital city Oslo in the north and is one of the most densely populated areas of Norway.

There are many activities (sightseeing, fishing, diving and guided tours to different attractions) in Oslofjorden, which you can find at Visit Oslo’s website if you’re going there :-) .

Lifecruiser Oslofjorden