Lifecruiser photo Bull and Wind Power

This is at a road side in Andalucia, the South of Spain, early April 2008. The farms gatepost said: “Tapatana” and I think it’s in the Cadiz area.

We were very surprised to see such big wind power turbine park there – and it stretched for many kilometers.

Afterwards I learned that Spain is in the top list of countries producing most wind power and April 18, 2008 they did set a record of wind power with 10,879 MW, which is 32% of Spain’s power requirement.

Which means that Spain not only has big bull power, it also has big wind power.

Some say it’s destroying the landscapes view, but I did find it kind of majestic actually. Just to hear the sound of them, nothing else. It gives a clean impression. I can’t say what it does for the bird life and such though.

Besides that, what alternatives do we have so far? I rather give my vote for solar or wind power than anything else.

Lifecruiser Spain

Sources: Wikipedia and Reuters.


Lifecruisers photo Greenhouse Blue Orchid♥ Green Thumb Sunday ♥

We went to an orchid exhibition a couple of weeks ago, in a smaller greenhouse here in Stockholm. There were so very many different Orchids!

What I think is most interesting – and fun – with Orchids are the center of them, you can see so many different things there.

Look at the Orchid in this post – what do you see in there…? (I’ll not tell you what I see, just to not influence you)

Lifecruiser Orchids


Lifecruisers theme Blue

The color on our car is aqua blue and we got a blue sky today which we haven’t seen in a while now – which you can see in the reflection! Hurray!

Since it’s All Saints Day (correction: Eve), we’re going out on a grave yard tour, to visit our relatives graves and put some wreaths and candles there.

Happy All Saints Day!

Lifecruiser Photo