Lifecruisers photo of cat Felicia in Norway

When out traveling, you get to meet a lot of wonderful people, but also equally wonderful animals, right?

Above you can see TorAa and Anna’s cat Felicia, which we met on our visit to Norway. She told us to relax and have a cozy time there. Which we did. We had some really nice scratching moments together.

It actually felt just as when you meet certain people – like Tor and Anna – you just get along with each other instantly without any explanations needed. It’s like you have known each other for years.

We had some really interesting cat chat moments about her romantic escapades, but sorry – I promised Felicia to not tell anyone, it’s our secret… *giggles*

Felicia even dropped by (jumping in under the roof into our bedroom) in the middle of the night to crunch on some night snacks. We were warned in advance that she might do that, but she avoided to jump on my belly, which I think was very thoughtful of her.

Rosa on the other hand, accepted us, but stayed on a safe distance. I think that she had some difficulties to understand the strange Swedish language – and crazy Swedes…. *giggles*

Lifecruisers photo of cat Rosa in Norway

Though as you can see on this photo above, she was really having a cozy time there too. Just look at her face expression. Relaxed. Yes. Satisfied. Yes. As only cats can be.

…and no wonder, since these cats are taken care of to 100% – even before Tor’s and Anna’s own needs! Nothing is too difficult to do for those precious family members.

I tell you -those cats can eat! This hungry monster (me) is making big eyes at their consumption!!!

Maybe it’s quality of the food, the good times they have or the Manx breed, but I were amazed over how very few cat hairs we got on our clothes while being there. Almost zero.

Usually when visiting cat owners – and especially when scratching them like I always does – you get so much cat hairs stuck on you. I’m not complaining, it’s very easy to get rid off them, this is just an observation.

I believe that cats (and other pets) personalities somewhat are reflecting their owners and with such nice owners, how can Felicia & Rosa be anything other than wonderful personalities?

Another funny coincidence: the photos of them really matches my blog colors right now, and look how Felicia’s face in the top photo – and eye color – matches the ghost face!

They’ve just moved back to the winter home again, which means that they’ll stay indoors, but I’m sure Felicia is quite happy to be able to shut herself into the closet again!

Even a cat needs some privacy sometimes…

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Lifecruisers theme Sad SpiderTheme: Sad

Maybe you wonder what this spider has to do with the word sad? Well, this is a very special story…

When we were at our summer island in the summer, this spider built a spider web at our car. From the mirror to the door. We liked having him with us, so we were a bit careful opening and closing the car door because it was a very delicate web.

He seemed to like being on sightseeing tours with us too. He was going around all the island and some more with us, having his time of life. We got so used with him and to check up that he was OK, that we even named him Boris.

Boris didn’t seem to want to leave us, even though he had many opportunities to do so. He had decided that his home was behind our cars mirror. Maybe he just loved the color, who knows?

Behind the mirror was a safe place when the speed winds started, even though he seemed to enjoy hanging outside to let the wind blow in his hair.

Lifecruisers theme Sad Spider wild

It made us worried sometimes, he was pretty wild, hanging in the swinging net. You can see how he almost let go of the web threads!

But you know, we just thought: youngsters, you got to let them go a bit.

Then the summer vacation ended and the day when we should go home came. Boris did hide himself behind the mirror, determent to stay. After all: this was his home.

Lifecruisers theme Sad Spider home

So he did travel with us, from Fårö to Gotland (another island) with the small road ferry, over Gotland to Visby where the other big ferry goes over to Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm – and all the way home in Stockholm.

He took it well. As usual he enjoyed being out traveling. Only difference were perhaps that he didn’t get any beer at the ferry…. *giggles*

He had no problem to adjust to the city life, despite the fact that he was a farm boy. He did thrive, without doubt. The weeks went by.

We did have one problem with this. I didn’t want to leave the car to be washed. No, that would be too tough for Boris, what if he drowned…? Horrible thought. I couldn’t stand that. So we didn’t wash the car.

Then one day in the end of August, we did go out for some errands and Boris hanged along as usual, but either it were too windy outside this day, or Boris hadn’t maintained his web as he should. He was pretty wild hanging out there in the web while we were speeding.

When we arrived at our goal, we noticed that the web was kind of loose. Since I had my camera with me, I thought that I better take a photo of him, it might be my last chance!

Lifecruisers theme Sad Spiderweb

This above is that photo, our last photo of Boris. In a try to come close enough, we damaged his web even more… Probably he was quite mad at us, because he went back behind the mirror and that was the last sight of him.

He moved out, without any notice. It was a sad day. We had been looking forward to taking him with us on our trip to Norway…

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Lifecruiser world of Champagne bubbles
Wordless Wednesday

Some of the things that were in our bags when we went to our trip to Norway. The famous Lifecruiser giggle water.

Very important when out traveling, wouldn’t you say?

Cheers my dears! *giggles*

Lifecruiser Champagne