Lifecruiser watching the sunset at the rauk area Digerhuvud, Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden, Copyright

It’s Saturday night and we’ve walked down on the rocks to the last rock, to watch the wonderful sunset down at the big rauk (sea stack) area Digerhuvud at Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden.

Can you get the feeling of freedom and peace standing there with the wind blowing in your hair and only the never ending Sea in front of you?

All sunsets are beautiful in it’s on ways, but this is not the most beautiful one we have seen there. We goes there time after time, since the sunsets never are the same ones.

The slideshow below have some photos you’ve already seen of the sea stacks, but also some new really special ones.

Make sure to watch it to the end – it’s worth it, I promise!

I suspect that those rauk areas will be listed on the World Heritage List in the future, they are that magnificent.

It’s something very special with an area you know have been created during 430 million years, wouldn’t you say…?

Lifecruiser Rauk Sunset


The farmers old fishing boat, Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden, Copyright

This is the farmers old fishing boat, which he has put tar on. He didn’t put it in the Sea (Baltic) until we had been here for quite a while – unusually late – because it’s no use before the fishes get fat enough.

He use to have his boat down at the fishing cottage down by the sea straight down the meadows from the farm, but this year he has moved the boat to another port nearby Lauters because the Sea in the port was not as clear as it use to be. Full of plants etc.

The boat is simple, but yet very useful. It has helped him to catch many fishes during the years. Mostly Flundra (Flounder), but also some Lax (Salmon), Strömming (Baltic herring) and Piggvar (Turbot) or Butta as they call it here on the island.

Funny thing is: the Turbot is always very requested in finer restaurants, but for some here on the island it were earlier consider as cat food only…

We’re afraid that this year we’ll be going home without having tasted the farmers home smoked flounders… *sigh*

We have only been out with him in his boat once, because we would only be in his way and besides that: normally we’re not up that early in the mornings….. *big yawn*

Today we’re taking it easy – after all the partying, guests & sightseeing, we need some relaxing time too.

Even the weather seems to be resting today. Something in between, neither sunny nor rain.

Lifecruiser Boats


Sheep herd, Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden, Copyright
The Before photo

The farmers sheep has been cut nekkid (lol) now while we’re here. It was a new guy clipping them, earlier it has been a woman actually.

This guy was faster than the former clipper, he had another technique – which he had learned in England somewhere. It did look so easy when he tipped – and clipped them.

If you watch the slideshow you can see how he has tipped the sheep and clipped it.

The weather has not improved, so I almost feel like taking all that sheep wool and create something warm to wear…

Luckily I bought a red sweat suit yesterday which is brightening up and keeping me warm (indoors) right now while the rain is pouring down!

Lifecruiser Sheep