Remember our Cyber Halloween Party 2007? Such a good time! *giggles*

Check out this site with halloween stuff made of a horrorific imagination and papier mache, totally incredible: Stolloween.

Happy Horrorific Halloween :twisted:

Lifecruiser Halloween


Sitting here at home when Halloween is coming up, I wish I had gone away. We have very cold and damp weather, near zero degrees and soon the first snow will come.

So I started to dream that everything where different, that I where more healthy (and more in the wallet!) so I could do whatever I wanted to.

Look what I found - the first two on the list is totally out of the question for me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that it sounds wonderful!

  1. Bhutan Adventure: Hiking, Cultural Exploration, Buddhism 101, Natural History, Sightseeing, Humanitarian Projects, Wildlife Viewing, Birding, Photography
  2. Baja Sea Kayaking: Sea of Cortez – Espiritu Santo Island, Mexico, Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling with Sea Lions, Hiking, Fishing, Cultural Exploration, Mexican Cooking Class, Photography
  3. Screemers, Canada’s Premier Screem Park: I have to admire their web page and just hope that the reality is as terrorific as the web page!
  4. Transylvania: Is there any better way than spending your Halloween with Dracula and Vampires? *giggles* (I might choose to go by Transylvania Express Tours steam train!
  5. New York: join the other 2 million people turning out for the 35th annual Village Halloween Parade. That would probably be very scary to me - with all the crowd.
  6. West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval: Outrageous costumes and top-notch entertainment with costumes contest and coronation of the Queen and King of the Carnaval.
  7. Halloween Train Rides: Try one just because the more green’ish aproach instead of flying somewhere. (We don’t have any particular public Halloween events in Stockholm other than in some clubs and such).
  8. Halloween Mexican Riviera Cruise: I would love to go on a Halloween Cruise and since I found one for singles, I just had to support them by adding this link. If I were single, I’d go. It’s perfect if you’re alone.
  9. Top Ten Haunted Locations: The Campground Haunted Massacre Attraction Fort Mill South Carolina, Brissac Castle Loire Valley France, Alcatraz San Francisco California and Dragsholm Slot Hørve in Sealand Denmark, just to mention a few.
  10. Halloween London 2008: I would love to go to every one of the events, from Halloween Balls, Walk and tours, Disco, but a must is the Halloween at London Dungeon with two Guinness Book of World Record attempts, the most painted faces in an hour and - put your earplugs in for this one - the world’s loudest individual scream.
  11. Frommer’s Halloween at Theme Parks: There are spooky things for all ages. The spooky season stretches for a long time, giving enough time to get some more boo’s out of it. Those theme parks has it all, from hayrides to “sh*t in your pants” scary attractions. *giggles*
  12. Ghost Tours: Tour haunted Brisbane and Hunted Vegas Tours would be my first choices, but there are plenty of others too!
  13. Bootsnall 31 places to go Halloween: If it’s not any of the above that is suitable or if I had already experienced ALL the others (in my dreams!) I’d have a check at this list.

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Yes, Halloween is here. Take a look at my wish to wear Halloween Costumes ideas for a future party, if you haven’t before.

Maybe another year… What’s your choices?

Lifecruiser Halloween


Lifecruiser  photo car painting 1Wordless Wednesday

This is an amazing car painting by the very talented Tomas Andersson, on a Volvo 850 T - on the inside of the back trunk, that we saw at a street car festival.

In the back trunk are also some of the powerful stereo equipment built up - together with this scary sight. Very cool indeed!

Lifecruiser  photo car painting 1

All the work is done by Dymek, the owner of the car - and his mother! Kudos to them for all the hard work put into this car.

Lifecruiser Car Paintings