The performance of Scandimaniacs we saw the other night, where at Galleri Tovat - a wonderful wool art gallery made of the artist Lisa Lager.

She makes totally incredible creations made of ship wool - real wool art. Just have a look at our photos and admire her work - and if you happens to pass there, stop and have a look.

Follow the sign at the right hand of the road just in the beginning of Fårö when you have arrived with the ferry from Gotland. It’s certainly worth it!

Our landlord farmer promised her a lot of sheep wool for her to use, finally he found some use for it. He has had sheep’s earlier and now it’s his sons that is taking care of that part. They are farmers too.

Lifecruiser’s photos of Galleri Tovat.

Lifecruiser Galleri Tovat



Even though we ‘ve had the most wonderful weekend over here, with really excellent weather, we still long for a trip to some paradise island.

We do have the trip to Fårö in July to look forward too, but July feel awfully far away… says the travelmaniac’s in us.

We did plan to take some last minute trip somewhere about the last weeks, but other private matters has come between, so we had to stay at home.

Well, there are always other trips and places awaiting…

Speaking about paradises, I found a post recently with some remarkable pieces of Paradise. It was made for an travel agency and I must say that I’m really impressed with it!!!

If every marketing campaign were made up with those kind of stuff, I’m sure their business would improve a lot :-)

Piece of Paradise

Lifecruiser Paradise


Gil Elvgren, 1952.


Yes, our blog design goddess Leanne has saved us once again, getting our third blog design in the water - similar to the red Lifecruiser blog design she made for us, but yet SEA FRESH and GORGEOUS!

We don’t only LOVE it, we ADORE it - both Mr Lifecruiser and I. Plus: I get to be a mermaid! YEAHHHH!

This time she placed me to be spotted directly, so you don’t have to sink down to the sea bottom to see me.

You’ll never know what she’ll float up to the surface with. She really know how to salvage you from the decompression sickness you get from trying to find a nice enough cover out in the big deep WordPress Ocean and you have ended up on the sea bottom with nothing to put on you…

Have a look around in our shining new Ship quarters, but stay away from our big stock of Dom Perignon we keep in the cargo room - that’s for our Ship Party in the upcoming Saturday evening!

You can see the time on the ship & the cruise weather since I installed it in the sidebar the other day.

All bloggers are welcome to walk the plank… eh… I mean the deck…. *giggles*

Dress Code: None. Nude or rude, doesn’t matter :wink:

*Honking the Ship horn for Lifebuoy Leanne*

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