Recently we found a perfect painting for us travel freaks. We had a blank spot on our bedroom wall right above our bed, which is now filled. Think about it: waking up every morning and the first thing you see is Marilyn in New York…

Lifecruisers New York - Marilyn Monroe painting

She is following you with her eyes where ever you go. It’s 3D, not you being blurry in your head. *giggles*

There are a lot of Marilyn-things out on the market nowadays. I have a bag with her on too.

©Lifecruiser Love Vintage Travel

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A Stockholm art photo of the central Sergels torg (square) named after the 18th century sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel and the superellipse of glass and steel. The triangular pattern of the pedestrian plaza below it is a real Stockholm icon.

Stockholm Sergels torg (square) and superellipse, Sweden

Sergels Torg also has a nickname among the Stockholmers: Plattan which means The Slab. It’s a very popular place to meetup with others, holding fairs, demonstrations or other events.

In the fountain below the 37,5 m high superellipse (by Edvin Öhrström) also called The Obelisk, people also sometimes celebrates major victories by Swedish sports teams – and graduates sometimes fills it with bubbles or colors…

©Lifecruiser Love Stockholm Attractions


Sweden: Stockholm City Street Statue “Rag and Bone with blanket” (Hemlös Räv), 2009, by Laura Ford born 1961 in Cardiff, Wales. A very popular tourist attraction and travel photo object.

Stockholm-rag-and-bone-street statue, Sweden

As another Swede wrote (translated to English):

“… placed quite close to the Government Offices Rosenbad and Parliament House. In other words, a place where the deepest social misery and economic prosperity are side by side and where their paths every day and literally crossed by political power”.

I thought it were a very suitable photo to show a day like this when so many are united protesting around the world against the unfair economical situation everywhere…

©Lifecruiser Love Stockholm Statues