Lifecruisers Tackle Top

OK, this TIT’s post will be my confession. I’m still doing a lot of unsexy groaning and on top of that: a lot of cackle but no happening.

Remember my health issues tackles? It isn’t ’nuff to kick my butt once you know, you have to keep kicking it and oh, boy, so hard that I beg for mercy. Obviously. Can’t you just yell at me and pester me constantly until I do something??? What kind of friends are you?!

1) Phone call to Dentist: Done that and even went there yesterday! Phew! Only now Mr Lifecruiser have THREE teeth that needs to be fixed… We got him an appointment 12 Feb. It’s the never ending story.

2) Phone call to Gynecologist: Remember I have a hole that needs to be carefully investigated…. *giggles* (see earlier posts) I didn’t get any new appointment until 20 Feb. I don’t want to wait that long, but then I must get a new Gyn and do they have any earlier appointments?

3) Searching for a caring Doctor: “I’m still working on that one” – which means that I’ve done NOTHING to it since last Tuesday! Serial killer kicks needed! To my defense is that there sure is a lack of generic doctor’s in Sweden and that’s not just a cackle of mine…

4) The Hairdresser: Still waiting for the 1 Feb to come to cut the litlle hair I’ve left. I’m beginning to wonder if shaving it all off is an alternative since I’m going bald anyway ;-)

5) My stomach problems: Remember that I cackled about getting all sort of bacteria capsules instead of eating them via youghurt to improve my immune defense? And to contact my doctor to get copies of my journals? I’m on my way out to get them both NOW and that’s only because of TIT’s. What an “eye servant” I am!

We’re still working very hard on the bed…. to get us into bed I mean and actually sleeping, which means getting up within reasonable time in the mornings, not trying to beat any of our crazy staying awake record of 40 hours….

So I’m not going to be toothless, but maybe bald with bags under my eyes and a very funny limp walk for ever ;-)

Reminder rest Tit’s:

2. Kick my ass to find a new doctor
3. Deal with my health issues
4. Kitchen cupboards
5. Porcelain boxes
6. Clean bathroom
7. Clean hall closet
8. Basement storage
9. Sales ads

(I must have an evil twin that keeps filling up this list all the time….*lol*)

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10 Comments on “Tackle is just me full of cackle”

    KnicKnac UNITED STATES said:

    Good for you wanting to take care of yourself. I hope you get it all done!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, me to :-)


    Glad you got your tooth fixed and now that’s done and off the list! ;)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, at least one thing less huh? I’m determent though to follow through with the others too! Just kick my butt some more ;-)

    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    And you want to add sore butt to all this? Enjoy the cruise. Isn’t that what Lifecruiser do?

    Lifecruiser: Yes, cruising and making love, not war ;-)


    I popped over today to see where you were at with all of your health issues and what do I get? An eye full of your TITS. Thanks for sharing:wink:. OK, Mrs. Lifecruiser, I’m giving you 5 swift kicks in the behind. NOW GET OUT THERE AND FIND YOURSELF A CARING DOCTOR! DO YOU HEAR ME??? When I come back next week I want to see #3 crossed off your list. NOW MOVE WOMAN!

    Lifecruiser: Ouch x 5… Yes, I will, I will… *mumbling* (lol)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Are you sure there is something still entire at your precious body ? Don’t worry about your hairs, I lost a lot of them too and had to let them cut short. I have got real thin baby hair, but am delighted with my hairdresser, a young Italian girl. It’s a miracle, but she could make something out of my hopeless hairs ! So don’t give up hope !

    Lifecruiser: No. I’m not sure. My brain is missing so…. *lmao* Ah, yes, we’ll see what the hairdresser will do to my few hairs I still have left…

    Jenn UNITED STATES said:

    You always leave me with a smile – crusin though life is not all it’s cracked up to be huh? :D

    Lifecruiser: That’s gooood :-)

    Cecile UNITED STATES said:

    I hate making phone calls! I probably put those off the most of everything. Great list.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, isn’t it sooo very easy to put those off…? *keeps muttering*

    Jen UNITED STATES said:

    Way to go on making those dreaded phone calls. Keep going! You are taking such great care of yourself!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Jen :-) I’m trying too.


    *kicks you* You bad procrastinator, you! *tsk tsk tsk*

    LOL!! :grin: :lol:

    At least you got some job done. Wish you all the best in tackling them. :wink:

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for the kicks :-) It sure is needed!!!!!

    Debbie said:

    You do make me laugh! I can’t bring myself to calling this TiT’s it just is so funny!

    If I could reach my hefty leg that far I would kick you hard and keep kicking until you get all your medicals taken care of!

    I must admit the hair thing has me stumped. Sure wish I could give you half of mine! My mane is so thick it just drives me crazy!

    Keep us updated on how things progress so we know you are really tackling these jobs! :)

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

    Lifecruiser: Good! that you laugh that is. Ah, that you’re kicking me too actually. I really have a problem with the tackles, but maybe I’ll be done when the summer comes ;-)

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