“Swedes take the whole summer off work. They have five weeks paid leave which they usually take in July. Once a Swede was told that he only had 5 weeks to live. I’ll hope it’s in July, he said”.

“Sweden The Secret Files” by Colin Moon

Swedish island Fårö sunset

So now I’ve ordered our ferry tickets to our beloved island FÃ¥rö, Gotland, outside Swedens east coast, for the summer vacation. The islands is so popular that you have to order it months in advance to get tickets.

When? In July of course!

We’ve now uploaded photos from earlier summers:

Lifecruisers Fårö Summer 2004
Lifecruisers Fårö Summer 2005

11 Comments on “Swedish vacation”

    Miss ass.Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Wish you a safe trip and many sunny days! Have fun…

    I’m gonna miss you a lot then…as always when we can’t have daily contact….

    Walker CANADA said:

    Great pictures and the scenery is beautiful. I don’t want to piss off the person that wears that shoe though LOL

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, I know miss Ass. Lifecruiser, that’s the only negative with the trip… not being able to keep in touch with you…

    Thanks Walker, it’s even more beautiful in real life of course. I’m just glad that I don’t have that shoe size, then I had more trouble to get fitting shoes than I’m already have!!!!


    THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA TO ME.does it have to be in july though? i wish we had that deal in the states.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thankfully MrHaney, it doesn’t have to be in July for many of us, you can spread it during the whole year if you like to. It’s just certain companys, especially in the industri that close during July.

    However, the Swedish summer is not long, there is only summer weather in June-August and you can’t even be sure then. It’s rather unsteady, you’ll never know. Some summers you have good weather all summer (not so usual) and others is cold and rainy. You’ll never know from year to year.

    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    That five weks off sounds like a wonderfull thing. Wait, what am I saying, I’m retired and living in what used to be our vacation spot. As someone told Wanda recently, you’ve got what most people are working for. I know I’m crazy, but I want a job.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Wow, Dave, not even I are THAT crazy ;-)


    Dot said:

    I have been enjoying reading more from you Mom`s wonderful posts. She sure is an amazing lady. I can tell that she has a heart of gold and how very much she loves her children.
    I have also been enjoying looking at more of your vacation photos. How I would have loved to been there standing with you to see that beautiful waterfall. If it is nicer than Niagara Falls, then I wish I was able to see it. Have seen Niagara falls from both the US side and theCanadian side. I love seeing waterfalls, even the smaller ones. They seem to show so much power and beauty.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes Dot, she really is amazing. She still keeps amazing me even if I should be used to her by now. She has dedicated her whole life to us children, so it’s a matter of course that we do our best to make her last years as bearable as possible.

    I wish you could see the Iguazu falls in real life, they are stunningly beautiful, beats Niagara without any doubt at all! Falls really are the greatest, as you say: so powerful!

    Thanks for stopping by our blogs with your kind words :-)

    sharlet said:

    What a quote!

    It sounds lovely to get the whole of summer off! I’m so envious now! Can I move to Sweden? Haha! ;) Here in Singapore we work 365 days a year, no long breaks, only maybe 1 or 2 days for the major festivals, like Christmas and Chinese New Year, and a few other 1-day breaks in between, like maybe for Good Friday, Labour Day, etc. Even if we want to take leave, our bosses seldom approve. >:-(

    I really love the photo you have included in this entry btw! It’s beautiful!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, I know sharlet, we’re lucky that way, but on the other hand I think it’s compensation for the hard wintertimes we have, so we really need the summer vacations. It’s so dark and cold in the winters.

    Thanks, that photo is one of our favourite photos from our beloved FÃ¥rö. Of course, the real life experience of it was the greatest….

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