Lifecruisers reasons for doing a roadtrip sometimes are a bit unsual, this time to the Swedish Gherkin town about 100 kilometer from the capital Stockholm – to buy a vacuum cleaner – not gherkins…

It simply were the only nearby place that had the special supermodel we wanted, so off we went to the Swedish town of Västerås.

Roadtrip, Västerås, Sweden, Copyright

It was a bit late on the day so we had some kind of race against the time, since we wanted to take some photos in Västerås before the sun went down, which it does very early in the afternoon at that time of the year.

Västerås Old Town

Västerås is one of Sweden’s oldest towns, which tracks back to the end of 13th century, but even the vikings were there before that. There are still some old buildings left in the town, even though many of them are gone.

Old houses, Västerås, Sweden, Copyright

Known for gherkins

For us Swedes nowadays though, Västerås is mostly known because a special kind of midget gherkin (Cucumis sativus) or cucumber, were grown here from the 18th century and forward. It was a German gardener, Bernhard Johan Bohnsack that started it. The gherkin was sold all over Sweden and even to parts of Europe and is mostly used to be pickled.

That’s also how the town got it’s Swedish nickname Gurksta’n (The Gherkin town).

Västerås Castle

Västerås Castle is where the famous Swedish King Gustav Vasa held the reformation parliament in the year of 1527, that made Sweden switch from Catholicism to Protestant.

Castle, Västerås, Sweden, Copyright

The Starred Cathedral

Västerås has a beautiful old Cathedral dated back to the 13th century that is worth a visit, you can see it in the end of the street picture below.

It’s very beautifully situated with the creek floating by below. The Cathedral has got 3 stars in Guide Michelin.

Cathedral Västerås, Sweden, Copyright

Inside there is another Swedish King buried: Erik XIV (dead by arsenic poisoning!). It’s said that because the sarchophagus were too short they had to chop off his feet & put them aside his body…!!!

His current sarchophagus is made of black Carrera marble from Italy.

The Black Creek recreation area

It might be hard to believe when seeing these winter scenes, but it’s very popular during the summer, when the area around the creek, Svartån, is filled with strolling people, choosing between different cafés and restaurants.

Svartån, Black Creek, Västerås, Sweden, Copyright

Boat life around lake Mälaren

Right outside the town is the lake Mälaren with hundreds of islands in the archipelago and there is a very active boat life in the summertime – as everywhere around Mälaren or the Baltic Sea.

Shopping: H&M’s hometown

There are some shopping that can be done here, the Swedish company H&M was even founded in Västerås. Some specialist boutiques & large shopping arcades, even though we did not have time for it.

Photo slideshow of Västerås

It were getting darker, we had to rush our photo session there, but still, it will give you a pretty good picture of how this Swedish town looks like.

Slideshow with all the photos from Västerås town:


Unusual treehouse hotel

Thinking of going there? Where to stay? Our tip is: the unusual Hotel Woodpecker in the old oak tree!

Roadtrip mission completed

Did we get our wanted vacuum cleaner? Yes! And we’re very happy with it, because it’s quite the opposite from our old one that just did blow around the dust: it’s actually working!

Very efficiently, we have to watch out or we’ll be sucked up too! *giggles*

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6 Comments on “Swedish Roadtrip: Vasteras Gherkin Town”

    Andy Hayes | Sharing Travel Experiences said:

    Who knew the town that founded H&M could be so cute! Sounds like a great little trip.

    Gattina said:

    Looks like a lovely little town with a lot of interesting things to see ! Love the name of the cuncumber inventor “Bohnsack” which means beanbag, he should have invented beans !

    Charles Ravndal said:

    That’s a really cozy sound and the pictures you took are just lovely. It gives me this nostalgic feeling.

    Thebluestbutterfly said:

    I am just trying to find a way for airfare from the U.S. to be less expensive. I have a feeling if I am ever to make it to Europe, I am going to have to get pretty creative in my flights (like stopping over in Iceland on Iceland Air or something like that). I would so love to buy Gherkins in this town though….and I am trying to figure out a way to Oslo.


    We have the same problem, but the other way! We want to go visit a “Miss Ass. Lifecruiser” – my best friend who has moved to US recently. We wanted to fly with Iceland Air to do a stop over at Iceland, but unfortunately they don’t fly where we’re going… and we don’t want another stop too… *damn*

    If you can do a stop at Iceland, do, because Iceland is simply gorgeous and a bath in the Blue Lagoon is just heavenly!!!! Oh, have you checked too?

    From where do you want to fly? Where in Europe do you want to go, besides Oslo?

    TorAa said:

    It’s a shame, but we have never been in this charming Town.
    In fact, it’s typical for neighbours, yeah, we go far away without knowing what’s right around the corner.

    If you watch TV on TORsday, you can see what was only a few years ago was called Norways main intersection.
    Now, the Town of Drammen is in a fabulous state and they will host WC in Sprint Cross Country in the Center of the Town.
    (My Mothers grandpa in fact went from Stockholm to Drammen about 125 years ago, to establish his own business)

    Have a great rest of the week.

    We keep in touch.

    btw. I did post, as you might have seen a little teaser for the OsloBG – WW-entry

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