Midsummer Celebrations in the Midsummer meadow at Bromma Church 2009, Sweden, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser.com

To celebrate Midsummer we did choose to go to the Midsummer meadow at Bromma Church School of all the places in Stockholm were there were Midsummer celebrations. The reason why we did choose this place was because of the old surroundings – and the folk dance.

We arrived there just in time to not miss the most important: the folk dancers from Bromma folkdansgille. The sun did shine through the clouds and the festive atmosphere made us in a very good mood.

We did check out the surroundings too and as long as we were there, the weather gods were with us, no rain until later when we had gone home!!!!

Bromma church is situated in the western suburbs and is one of the oldest in Stockholm. It has also been voted the city’s most beautiful by Stockholm’s Radio listeners once in 2006, another reason for us to be curious.

Bromma Church Midsummer 2009, Sweden, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser.com

The oldest part is the round part of the church, which was built around the year 1160 or 1170 and that is also the part of the church which I love the most. The baroque hood with the 8 squared lantern roof and high steeple were added at 1681, other parts at different times.

The church is not only beautiful on the outside, it also contains medieval paintings from the late 15th century, so it’s worth taking a look inside too.

See also Lifecruiser photo slideshow Midsummer 2009 with more photos both of the folk dancers and the church, including some photos of our dinner at home.

How to get there: Take the metro (T-bana) to Brommaplan, then Bus 117 to Gliavägen 100, Bromma kyrka.

Lifecruiser Bromma Midsummer

7 Comments on “Swedish Midsummer Festivities, Bromma Church, Stockholm”

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    I very much enjoyed and appreciated the pictures you posted here of this Midsummer event but most especially of the beautiful church. I have some photos that were given to me by a few of my really fortunate relatives who were able to take a trip to Sweden a number of years ago and while there, they visited the area my Mom’s father’s family came from -Bolstad in Dahlsland. And several of the photos are of the church the family belonged to way back when. There are many characteristics I see in this church in your pictures to my family’s church in Bolstad -but above all, I see just beautiful structures and would truly give my right eye tooth (as that old expression goes) to be able to visit there and see my family’s church, up close and personal, and also to have a chance to see Stockholm some day as well. Fat chance of that happening, I know -unless I win the lottery -but everyone has to have a dream don’t we? Thanks for a simply beautiful post.

    Maribeth said:

    Oh what a beautiful church. We had so many clouds that it was hard to enjoy the solstice. Today, rain again! Is summer ever going to come? My garden is just about drowned!!!


    Now that’s a celebration. I love reenactments of the olden days! Nothing happens here for the summer soliciste, howeve, it is father’s day:)

    Thanks for the post. Getting ready for the super needed drink on July 1. we’re moving from costa rica to guatemala this week. it’s going to be super crazy!!!!!!!!!!
    ciao for now

    Marie said:

    Tack för ditt inlägg på min blogg, javisst är det roligt att en sådan stor tidning har så god resesmak som en annan:-)
    Resa är livet och nu har jag hittat din blogg och twitter som jag helhjärtat ska försöka följa, ha en underbar söndag
    Ber om ursäkt att jag inte skriver på engelska :smile: !!
    Mvh Marie

    DimLamp said:

    I enjoyed your Bromma Church midsummer pictures. Looks like a fun celebration. :cool:

    RennyBA said:

    Like I said in my comment to your previous Midsummer post; I like your summer solstice celebration in Sweden much more than the Norwegians. You have to take us to Bromma one year!

    Kristoffer said:

    Midsommar in Sweden is really my favourite holiday. I encourage friends from other countrys to come here for that.

    Min reseblogg

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