If there is one tradition that is really Swedish and most Swedish people really celebrates, it is the traditional Midsummer Eve celebrations. The 2011 Midsummer went on like usual.

Faro, Swedish midsummer 2011

This is not the house where we did celebrate our Midsummer, we still are at our summer island farm it is only a house nearby we happened to walk by and I thought I should show you the traditional Midsummer pole – you can spot it left to the house.

Still you can see some of the Midsummer poles around Sweden, but it is getting more and more unusual as well as the dancing around it that used to be. Old traditions is vanishing during the years and new ones are created.

The snaps tradition to the herring still stands though… It was a bit too much celebration with alcohol for some persons according to the newspapers – as usual that too – but all in all a good celebration anyway.

No wonder if people want to celebrate summer in this normally cold country, we have to make the most over the few summer months we have here!

Lifecruiser Swedish Midsummer

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2 Comments on “Swedish Midsummer 2011”

    Maribeth said:

    Although the calendar says it is summer here, we have cold, rainy, weather. Not too much fun. The only thing that grows well is mold!
    This year we do not have as many tourists as it is too expensive to travel here due to high gas prices and high prices at the motels.
    For me? I watch my garden, and hope that the mold does not take away my hard work.

    Ginnie said:

    Here in Holland it’s still very cool as well, LC. Today is warmer but it’ll get cool again. I’m still using the heat-warming bag at my feet in bed at night. Hard to believe it’s summer!

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