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Yesterday was a day with very nice spring weather here in Stockholm, so we decided to spend the day out and went to pick up my oldest sister Susan to come along with us.

We had already decided to go to a place we had not been to in years and let it be a surprise for her as she loves surprises :-)

Meet Kaknästornet in Djurgården (national city park in Stockholm) with it’s 155 meter/508 ft (170 with the mast counted in) and 34 floors – one of Scandinavia’s and Northern Europes tallest buildings where we went yesterday.

The name origins from Kaknäs, which was an ancient village name from the Iron Age, if not even earlier, which probably were located at this spot where Kaknästornet stands today. There is a preserved field with village graves a bit up in the woods at Kaknäsvägen (the Kaknäs road).

The tower is created by the architects Hans Borgström and Bengt Lindroos in Neo brutalism style. I guess it was in the time, as the construction start was in 1963 and completion in 1967.

Actually, I find it rather ugly myself. Maybe they were a bit science fiction-inspired from the fact that the U.S. prepared their first moon trip during these years :-)

Lifecruisers picture of entrance
This artwork is on the walls in the entrance they have , but I don’t know anything more about it.

It’s also the hub for Teracoms (national Swedish broadcasting company) TV- and Radio traffic in Sweden. From there every connection and transmitter is controlled and most of the satellite communication is by the satellite station Skyport Kaknäs.

In the tower there is some Teracoms staff, but as a visitor you never see any of them. I didn’t even know that there was any staff there until I read it in internet several years ago.

It’s open for the public (small entrance fee) to go up at the 30th floor with one of their elevators which is very fast, as a matter of the fact it’s so fast that you get ear blockage. I can imagine that this is not anything for a person that is afraid of elevators even if these ones are really safe and controlled!

Well up there you can enjoy and admire the magnificent view over Stockholm city with surroundings and perhaps even a glimpse of the inner archipelago. In good days the sight is about 6 Swedish miles (37,2 miles).

Lifecruisers Stockholm city view
This is the view of the city area, where you can see the tower of the city hall to the right and the big square building to the left is the Royal Castle.

Lifecruisers Stockholm city cruise schip view
As you can see from this view there is quite big cruise ships traffic into Stockholms quay called StadsgÃ¥rden. These ones destinations is to Åland and/or Finland and is not the biggest of them.

Lifecruisers Stockholm city south view
There was obviously a fire going on in the south suburbs of Stockholm somewhere as you can see up in the left corner. In the front of the photo, partly hidden by the green are, is Waldemarsudde, a popular spot in Djurgården to visit, since it holds one of the most-visited art museums in Sweden.

Lifecruisers Stockholm, Djurgården views of Manilla school
The big building in the lower part is a school for deaf and hard of hearing students, Manillaskolan. On the opposite side of the water is Nacka municipality.

Lifecruisers Stockholm, Djurgården views of Thielska Galleriet
The white building you can spot in the middle of all the green in the point of land, is the wellknown Thielska Galleriet, another art gallery. We’re going to visit that one another time since it’s the most gorgeous architecture too :-)

Lifecruisers Stockholm, Djurgården views of Fjäderholmarna
Fjäderholmarna is the name of the islands you see here and it’s a very popular picnic area, where people take a boat from the city area. There is several restaurants and cafe’s with very fresh fish dishes of course. (There is also a whiskey destillery, where they produce Swedens only whiskey brand “Mackmyra”!)

Lifecruisers Stockholm, Djurgården views of Värtahamnen
One of Stockholms ports, Värtahamnen, where even the biggest cruise ship to Finland departures from. (Ugly as usual, these ports…)

As you may have noticed, Stockholm is surrounded by water and actually consists of 14 islands which is combined by 53 bridges. So there is a lot of cruising going on in these area. A lot of Stockholmers has an own boat they take a ride with out in the archipelago (Baltic Sea) or Lake Mälaren.

There were a bit difficult to get good photos, since it was quite windy up there and it’s fenced with bars on the outdoor top floor to prevent people to jump from there with or without parachutes!

I remember the first times I visited Kaknästornet, I was so afraid when stepping out there on the top, that I just stood stiff like a stick right at the walls, only moving very carefully. Nowadays it’s no problem for me at all – even though it sometimes can swag quite a bit!

In the tower there is a restaurant and cafe where you can enjoying your brunch or dinner accompanied by the magnificent view over Stockholm city.

Which we of course did since I’m the hungry monster… *giggles*

…and as the hungry monsters we all obviously are, none of us remembered that we should take a picture of the plates BEFORE starting to eat, but at least this is an improvement in some sort since we use to forget it totally! *lol*

Lifecruisers brunch meal 1
Susans choice: Raw Spiced Salmon with a creamy sauce called Hovmästarsås in Swedish (I have no idea what to translate it to) and fresh potatoes and mineral water to drink.

Lifecruisers brunch meal 2
Mr Lifecruisers choice: Swedish plain food, such as sausages, bacon and egg, potato widgets – and a pancake at the side which is not usual at all over here in Sweden – and a beer.

Lifecruisers brunch meal 3
Captain Lifecruisers choice: A Campari as a starter :-) followed by a cheeseburger with pommes stripes and a beer.

Though since we were a bit late and they close at 5 p.m. already in Sundays, we had to choose from the brunch menu only.

Captain HighTower Lifecruiser

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    Melli said:

    WOW! I didn’t know we were getting another port stop in Sweden! This is a “bonus” port – eh? How fun! What is pommes stripes? They look good! I just don’t know what they are! ;) Glad y’all had a fun day!

    Sword Girl said:

    Oh my gosh, it is so tall! I’d probably be a little nervous at first. What a fantastic view and such a clean, fresh area. Yummy food! Ahh!

    Lately in my dream, I was dreaming of the North Sea! It was very intense in the dream. Huge waves!

    And, we have a new shower curtain with a map of the world, so I can learn more of where everything is. This is just so wonderful learning more and more! :-D

    mar said:

    I forgive Mr Mar for not taking me along to Stockholm on a short business trip because it was in early february this year and the view wasn’t as colorful! It ‘s a beautiful city, you took wonderful pics despite the wind and the fences :)
    And I am soooo hungry now!

    Kasia said:

    So it sounds like a great afternoon!
    The views on Stockholm are absolutely terrific. I wish i had one like these from my kitchen window! 53 bridges? Wow!I love bridges so Stockholm should be a destination one day!!
    And the food…I am hungry now!Susan’s choice looks most delicoius in my opinion. :)

    claudie said:

    I’m so hungry, I’d like to eat each meal now at this moment! How Stockholm is a beautiful town! All these isles! people who have got a boat must have good time! Now I’ve a new camera and a new blog and tomorrow I’m free so I will try to boost a product!

    marina kuperman said:

    hi, sooooo sorry for not writing and being more upto date. but life just has a way of doing what it wants and i had no time whatsoever to get to the internet. but once my last and final visitor leaves this week, i’ll be back in full force.
    stockholm, is gorgeous. wow!!!!!!!!!!!! i am actaully dying to go to europe and the scandinavian countries. my folks have visited there and said it was by far the most beautiful part of europe.
    anyhow, once i’m going again, i would love to join the a-cruisers again.
    ciao for now

    CyberCelt said:

    Sounds like a wonderful stop. That building is ugly and I do not know what that art work on the door is about. Beautiful view from the top, though.

    You write very well and it is a pleasure to read your post.

    Here for Click and Comment Monday from CoolAdzine for Marketers. I am following the Do-Follow blogroll.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, it’s a little bonus :-) The Pommes stripes is just ordinary french fries, I just forgot myself and wrote what we call them over here.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Oh, a map on the curtain, that’s so useful, so now you can study the world while taking a shower :-D

    Lifecruiser said:

    Oh, in Februari we had awful weather. No, you have to come here at least somewhere near the summertime! And be sure to tell me so we can meet :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    To me too, but I had eaten salmon the day before that!

    I do hope that you’ll come to stockholm one day so we can meet :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Claudie, now you’re making us very very curious :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    I do hope that you’re able to make it over here some day, so we can meet too :-) it sure is beautiful in all the Scandinavian countries. Ah, I find most countries beautiful – in their own way!

    Oh, and you know that you’re always welcome back to the cruise!!!

    Sanni said:

    Aaaaah…. DjurgÃ¥rden! I´ve had so much fun there (don´t ask *LOL*)

    hand me over another Campari, a Cheeseburger and a beer, please! ♥♥♥

    aka Ra'quel said:

    Very noice. I’m a big fan of towers like these and have wanted to plan a world tour based on just visiting what i call “needles” like these. This one is possibly the most bluntest one i’ve seen so far. No matter how ugly on the outside, the views from the inside so high above, have always been a great thrill for me. Thanks for such a great in-depth photo-tour of all the directions, and the restaurant too.

    Ear’s might pop when you’re going up & down, but i’ve always been curious & entertained with those moments when someone lets off a truly stinky or very loud fart inside the lift.

    marina said:

    hi, i will definitely make it back on the cruise. just need some time to pack my stuff and organize it before hitting the open seas.
    ciao for now

    Sword Girl » Alien J said:

    [...] Swedish Hightower hosted by Mrs. [...]

    quasi fictional said:

    Added with pleasure.

    racquel said:

    Your photos show a lot of great views aside from the tempting food, of course :) I hope I can visit Scandinavian countries some time. Oh, have you seen Morocco? I’ve been there and I had a great time :)

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