Swedish flagwaves

Swedish flagDid you know that Sweden has their National Day today, the 6th of June? Their flag is one of the worlds oldest flag – it’s over 500 years old! It started in the middle of the 15th century.

The oldest flag in the world is Denmarks that is from the year of 1219.

Why don’t take a trip to Scandinavian, Sweden, Stockholm this year? Neither the country or the people is so cold as they say, all is about timing and your own behaviour. Enjoy the Swedish summer with the great nature with nights that never get dark. Try smiling to the swedes and they will be smiling back to you!

The Capital town Stockholm has a great deal to offer when it comes to pleasures. A beautiful little town with great architechture, built on small islands with bridges between them. It’s clean and green with a lot of water surrounding it. Be sure not to miss Stockholm archipelago where you can go by boat.

Travel to Sweden you to and dare to challenge the Vikings…

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