The start of this winter has been dark as usual. Not many occasions for photo shooting. This is from one of the days in November when we did take a walk in a park in a Stockholm suburban.


December 21-22 every year marks the winter solstice – the darkest day of the year – or more like the longest night!

Even though I’m used to this from I was born, my body still says to me: it’s time to go to sleep, it’s dark (night) outside… Today we only had daylight for 6 hours and 6 minutes.

It’s dark already in the afternoon, the sun went down at 02:47pm today! If we had seen it, but it was raining… With very wet snow on the ground. Yikes.

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    The photo is awesome. By the way, winter days are mostly holidays so it’s time to hit the bed and rest.

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