Swedish cold talk

To do some small talk in Sweden is actually called “kall prat” (meaning cold talk or chat or something similar if you try to translate it right off).

The most popular subject to talk about is the weather - and that’s cold - so that’s it ;-)

After 9 months of cold weather (!), we really long for the summer in June-August. No wonder we worries and talk much about the weather…

Actually I think that we deserve to have a warm summer this year more than ever, because last summer it rained for 4 weeks in a row during the big vacation leave (July).

I long for the summer! So can you please please give us some summer?

QUESTION: What are the most common subject you’re small talking about in your country?

11 Comments on “Swedish cold talk”

  1. Kasia POLAND said:

    I know what you mean, because Poland is cold, too! And I miss the sunshine! Winter is way tooooo long!

  2. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yeah, but you’ve been in Rome lately lucky you :-)

  3. tnchick UNITED STATES said:

    Smal talk in my town? Hmm… what the neighbors are doin’ down the road? LOL I dunno, really. Maybe the dope smokers ;)

    Sendin’ you summer vibes. We have rain today and storms the past two days but otherwise it’s been summer like and spring just begun. You can always visit my area LOL we’ll talk about the dope smokers

  4. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Sounds like REALLY interesting subject to talk about - I think I prefer the weather talk here but your weather!!!

    Thanks for the summer vibes, they’re needed!

  5. Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Small talk in The Netherlands, uhmm probably the weather too, must be a European thing! It was beautiful here today and yesterday. in fact the warmest days so far this year. I hope it lasts, I’m sending some sunshine your way :)

  6. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Ahhh, thank you Mandy! I think they promised us some warmer temperatures in the weekend, I do hope they’re right!!!!

  7. sisiggy UNITED STATES said:

    Complaining. That’s all I hear. I feel like shipping everyone off to Sudan and saying, “Now you have something to complain about.”
    (I guess that’s better than, “You want a little cheese with that whine?”)

  8. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Oh my Sisiggy, that wasn’t better subject that either… I think I stick to the weather talk, I don’t like to complain.

    Or maybe photographing people instead, then I got to say: “Cheese” - and surely they MUST smile for the camera????

    I’m smart… *lol*

  9. catherine UNITED STATES said:

    The price of gas and which gas stations are the cheapest!

  10. sharlet SINGAPORE said:

    From what you say I can really imagine how cold it is. I don’t think I would be able to survive in a place like that because I’d rather be hot than cold! :P

    In Singapore, the hot subject now is “ELECTION”. We will be going to the polls very soon, however, it’s a bit of a joke also, because Singapore has been under one party rule for 40 years now; there is no effective opposition at all. :( (So voting is quite pointless.)

  11. skye UNITED STATES said:

    Well, MrsL, it depends who I’m with. If my sister is around, generally the conversation revolves around what her kids are doing. A lot of the time, it comes off as bragging (to me), which is fine if it’s just around family, but I often wonder how other people take what she says.

    Now, if there are pets around, they become the focus of our conversation. God forbid we should have any deep & meaningful conversations…lol.

    As far as the general population over here, small talk about the local sports team is a biggie, but the weather is up there too :)

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