If trying to find something really Swedish and well known around the world, it has to be Volvo – if not talking about Swedish meatballs or blond, long-legged Swedish girls…

I simply had to take a shot of this poster at the garage where they changed to summer tires for our car – since they didn’t have any Swedish girl posters (lol).

Swedish Classic Volvo CarsVolvo… a symbol for high Swedish quality and technology

I want that red Volvo PV in the left corner. I want it badly. Did I tell you that last summer we almost did bid on a Volvo PV at a countryside auction at our summer island?

It was so close, we had to bit ourselves in the tongue to not make a bid. It was the practical side of us that won – where would we put it when back at home in the city since we have no garage? *sigh*

I’ve actually been taking numerous road trips in Sweden in a Volvo Duett (upper left corner), but a red one. They’re not so comfortable to go in, but very practical when it’s comes to stuffing a lot of luggage.

Which one would you want to have…?

Come on, I know you want to speed along the coastline in one of those cool cars, dressed in vintage clothes and pretend to be in the good old days…

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6 Comments on “Swedish Classic Volvo Car Trip”

    Gattina said:

    I don’t care about cars. I need 4 wheels, breaks, a stirring weel and automatic. And it has to be small ! lol ! Fortunately Mr. G. doesn’t care either, he is a Ferrari fan but doesn’t like to drive in it !


    Really, Gattina? Not at all? No favorite car at all? I could think of a lot of cars I think is beautiful, cool or even cute… *giggles*

    al said:

    My husband has a volvo 164 1971. He is working on it. I must say that that car is comfortable. It is almost like sitting on a sofa. Love Volvo classic cars. They just run and run and run.


    Great poster! I love seeing old Volvo’s on the road. I would probably take the dark green one at the front.


    Sounds cool, Al :-) Yes, the old classic Volvos really are made of super quality and runs and runs for ages. Not so much the newer models though :-(


    Me too James. All classic cars. It’s like being thrown back in time :-)

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