Monday evening we went once again to Galleri Tovat, this time to listen to the Swedish band Jösses Pojkar, which is kind of a tradition for our farmer and his friends. For Mr Lifecruiser and me it was the first time we heard them.

We had heard a lot about them before during the years – not only that they play well, but also that they are very fun to be around because they know a lot of jokes. We had such a good time this evening, with lots and lots of laughs.

They claim to be the only true dance band in Sweden. How come? One of their specialities is the special dance they do, playing and dancing at the same time! *giggles*


It not so often any more that you can hear some one playing accordion and certainly not so joyful as Classe does. He is rocking, so is Bengt and Hasse too.


What I especially appreciate with our nights out here, is that we’re mixed ages having fun together, which is not so often nowadays unfortunately. We were in the age of 24-79, our “gang” from around the farm going there. Why is it that we can’t do that everywhere always?

Even the Scandiamaniacs where there listening to them and helping Lisa out with the ticketing and beverages. We met them at Lauters too. They have a gig in Stockholm now I think.

Jösses Pojkar got together as street musicians in 1976, before they got gigs at restaurants and bars, which continued for years. They have played together with several of famous Swedes.

This year they make some performances together with Lasse Åberg – a wellknown Swedish moviemaker. Classe told us that he actually is acting in several of his movies. Those movies are the most popular Swedish comedy movies, very funny!

They are so nice guys, really enjoying their time on the stage. Our farmer, Per, know them since many, many years. Every year they use to have a BBQ together down at Pers fishing cottage by the sea – and so even this year: tomorrow.

This year we will be there too, so now you know what we’re gonna do Thursday night!

Please “keep your thumbs” for us being lucky with the weather gods, you’ll never know in this country, it can change quickly.

Lifecruisers photos of Jösses Pojkar 2008

Lifecruiser Jösses Pojkar


7 Comments on “Swedish Band Josses Pojkar”

    claudie said:

    Still a lot of fun and more to come! :lol: You’re right! It is very nice when all ages are together! I adore to hear accordeon! Let’s go for a tango now! “The best tango of the world is this I have danced with you!” La, la, la, “le plus beau de tous les tangos du monde c’est celui que j’ai dansé avec vous!” I am in form this night! Ha! ha!

    claudies last blog post..The CAVERN CLUB

    Ling said:

    That dance sounds like fun. How can you dance and play at the same time. Must need an extra set of hands. :)

    Lings last blog post..Q&A With Broke-Ass Stuart, Author of Guide to Living Cheaply in New York

    TorAa said:

    I miss Fårö, as said before. It’s so and great that generations can have so much fun together. Reminds me of French Village Fêtes.
    I just arrived Chicago this Thursday. Hope you had a great time at Per’s Fishing Cabin.

    TorAas last blog post..Papa arrived safe and sound in Chicago

    emil said:

    Yes they are talented and handsome.

    RennyBA said:

    So now we know what Swedish DanceBand really is and these guys does it with style!

    Tor and I was at Accordion Festival in Mariestad last week – I’ll keep you posted ;-)

    You really seams to have a great time this summer and what a wonderful story this is.

    I’m sure you had a great time on Thursday too as it must have been perfect weather.

    RennyBAs last blog post..Läckö Baroque Castle in Sweden

    ritchie said:

    I used to play the accordeon when I was a lot younger… unfortunately I gave it up when Hip Hop became increasingly interesting… still a great instrument though and still very popular in Tyrol (Austria), where I grew up.

    Marcus Kenny said:

    i had a little go on the Accordeon and got quite skilled at it. Sampled it for a Hip Hop Record I produced once. Your band looks real cool

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