Ryfors licorice from the licorice festival, Sweden, Photo by Lifecruiser

We’re away the 1-8 of May to a secret destination together with hubby’s daughter Jane, but before I go I wanted to show you something from Sweden’s first licorice festival that were held at the restaurant “En trappa ner” in Stockholm the 25th of April 2009.

The more unusual event were arranged by Lakritsbutiken and as the big licorice lovers we are, we had to go there of course!!!

We love initiative like this one, as well as the Chocolate Festival we were at last year. More festivals to the people!

The licorice that we placed at 1st place is from Ryfors Konfektyr, we loved several of them actually, but this salty one is a clear winner, absolutely addictive:

 Ryfors licorice from the licorice festival, Sweden, Photo by Lifecruiser

Licorice is very popular in Sweden and we eat an average of 1 kg per person and year, but did you know that humans has been eating licorice for about 4000 year…?

There were even licorice from other countries like Italy, Finland and as this one below from Nammi, Iceland, called Djupur.

Nammi licorice from the licorice festival, Sweden, Photo by Lifecruiser

It’s covered with white chocolate and even though chocolate and licorice may not sound like a tasty combination, it really is dangerously delicious!!!

It was a total success, new visitors were arriving all the time, so hopefully this will be an annual event.

Keep an eye on Lakritsfestivalens Facebook group to get info about when next event is.

Just be aware of that eating much licorice is not so good for people with a high blood pressure – and it will have a certain effect on your stomach too… *giggles*

Click to see Lifecruiser photos from the licorice festival.

Lifecruiser Licorice

16 Comments on “Swedens first Licorice festival”


    I didn’t know we’ve been eating it for 4000 years! That’s remarkable.
    I’ll tell you, you go to the coolest festivals!
    Have fun, can’t wait to find out where the secret location is!

    Maribeth said:

    Oh how fun! The only licorice I like is the red licorice. I love festivals of all kinds!

    Ling said:

    Ohhh! That looks like excellent TV food for munching n the couch. I don’t have any blood pressure problems, but what’s that about the stomach? I don’t want to end up rushing to the toilet. :mrgreen:


    What a great idea for a festival. Salty licorice isn’t popular in Australia but special shops get shipments from places like Holland.

    Dot said:

    Never knew there were that many different kinds of licorice. Mostly see the long red and black ones in the stores here.
    Glad you both are still able to keep traveling and hope for many more years.
    Hugs, Dot

    Puss in Boots said:

    Loooove licorice and I have high blood pressure! So far, so good…no impact yet!

    RennyBA said:

    Sounds like a crazy sweet festival and a great story behind it :-)

    Funny about a bit of different in Scandinavian language: You say Lakrits while we in Norway say Lakris.

    TorAa said:

    This is cool
    How many milligram did you enjoy;)))


    pardon my ignorance, but where did licorice originated. love those fruity licorice sticks! :)

    Sanni said:

    :shock: Awwww… you know how much I love licorice – especially the salted Swedish stuff. This is soooo unfair… I can’t stop drooling – and since we’re in the middle of our move – I can’t have even one.

    Sadly this will be my last visit for ages b/c there will be no internet for weeks in the new home. :,(

    Take care – looking forward to visit you with a loud “WOO-HOO” when I’ll be back online – oh… and have fun at “secret destination”. Can’t wait to see photos.

    Mar said:

    Didn’t know licorice has been around for so long :cool:
    Have fun at your secret destination!!!

    Cecil Lee said:

    Hmm… shame for me to say I don’t actually know what the licorice is.. :oops: or maybe I had it before without knowing they are licorice :oops: :oops:
    I’m celebrating 100th post to my Travel Feeder (though I hope it could be more). Come and celebrate with me!! :lol:

    claudie said:

    Beautiful pictures on flickr, my Captain! It makes me think to Anaïs’ boyfriend who brought us licorice from Finland! In a first time I was very disapointed when tasting them because their salt tasting but after a time I was crazy about them!


    Great post,

    My family and I are serial expects, as native Danish we of course need our yearly quota of Lakrits, so we have our own import in suitcases of families and friends. :mrgreen:

    In Germany where we used to live, people like Lakrits but not the same strong one as we use to eat in Denmark, now we are in Croatia although, I have tried feeding friends and colleagues with Lakrits, no one of them likes it :grin: so I guess it is never going to be a big import article here.


    Anne said:

    Hi called in from Romephotoblog :smile: Licorice is my all time favourite…Salty is good, soft is good, but nothing in the middle, no covering .. I love Dutch licorice…just black.. I know not to eat lots of it, I have a bag in a draw that I don;t go into very often that is where it is..Plain Black Dutch Licorice :-) :-) We have a shop that sells it here in the UK, quite expensive but worth it!

    A. said:

    Licorice is one of those tastes that I just don’t like at all. Strange, but true. :)

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