Did you know that Sweden has the world largest model planetary system? Neither did I when finding my discovery: Sweden Solar System, which is spread in various places in Sweden besides in the capital city Stockholm.

While you are on sightseeing around Sweden, you might want to visit a more scientific and unusual Swedish top tourist attraction, like The Sweden Solar System – the world’s largest model of our planetary system (scale of 1:20 million!).

I instantly knew which spherical building would be representing the planet of Sun: it couldn’t be anything else than The Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm – the worlds largest spherical building.

Sweden Solar System: Planet Sun attraction, Stockholm Ericsson Globe Arena, Sweden. Copyright Globe Arenas.

The inner planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars and some asteroids are placed in Stockholm and Jupiter at the international airport Arlanda.

The outer planets and asteriods are spread across Sweden at places as Uppsala, Skövde, Karlshamn, Delsbo, Gävle, Söderhamn, Knivsta, Härnösand, Luleå, Umeå and Kiruna.

A very nice touch is that each planet station have exhibits about the astronomy science and also related mythology and culture.

Click this link to find the list where you can find out where all the Sweden Solar System’s planet objects are placed.

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3 Comments on “Sweden Solar System – Worlds Largest Model Planetary System”


    A place to visit when we visit you in Stockolm! I love learning about the solar system and watching in telescopes at night! My pupils made two years ago a model of the solar system! It is still displayed in the hallway!

    Azeem @ Travel Tamed said:

    Looks quite interesting. But what is it exactly like? are they research centers or tourist attractions?. Anyways, i think it should a great experience being in those buildings where you get to experience the planets and being the largest display in the world definitely means something. Sweden is a great place to be for a holiday with so many fun things one can do there. Thanks for this information.

    al said:

    I thought that the biggest planetarium would be in the US… wonderful! I did not know that it was in Sweden.

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