Sweden has become a burning hot travel destination, despite the cold climate the bigger part of the year. (Or perhaps it’s just the cold climate that draws a bit part of the tourists here?) Here is some reasons why…

The amount of foreign travelers at Sweden’s airports has increased tremendously during just the last couple of years and now even more is expected during 2012.

Sweden may be a small country way up in the north, but we do have lots of things that may interest lots of different types of tourists, as well as a diverse and unique climate throughout the country. Sweden are also known for innovations, design, fashion, music and lots of high quality restaurants!

I don’t find it particularly odd that the Swedish tourism is increasing, since we have been very bad at marketing our noble country before and just recent years stepped up the efforts to be seen around the world.

There have also been formed new partnerships and cooperation between different companies and organizations working within the tourist and transport sector – even concentrating on special destination connections, making the marketing more effective.

There is a lot of big investments going on at several of Sweden’s airports the upcoming years and the capital city of Stockholm’s closest international airport Arlanda, will be extended to become Arlanda City – a big built up business center.

Sweden is increasing it’s efforts to welcome many more tourists than it has ever. As a traveler I’m happy for that, but at the same time I am a wee bit concerned too: will our little country be able to take the hit of the tourist masses without changing too much?

That is a question that have to be answered in the future…

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    Ginnie said:

    Astrid and I have both visited Stockholm in our past lives, before we knew each other, Maybe one day we’ll go back together and see it with new, fresh eyes. We would like that!

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