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So, now the scientists has genetically altered a carrot to deliver 41 percent more calcium, at least in a small study comparing to persons that hadn’t ate the manipulated carrot.

At first it does sound like it may be a good thing for example to fight nutritional problems such as osteoporosis. Maybe this will mean that the fruits and vegetables will contain more nutrients in the future?

I do wonder though if it’s the right way to go. How can we predict all possible downsides of this new approach to food?

I also wonder how we could let it go so far as we have done already. Are we really sure that the food we eat today is containing all nutrients preserved as we believe it is?

Has any one ever done a fully covering investigation? Comparing to how much it contained in the past and how the nutrition values is today?

In Sweden we don’t have much sun, so the veggies has very little sun time to ripen in, which I believe is the best way to get good, nutrient veggies.

I really can tell the difference when I’m out traveling – in taste at least. Big, big differences when eating the fruits or whatever on spot instead of being picked before it ripens, treated in different ways to cope with the transport and then transported hundred of miles.

On top of that many families buy fast food or already cooked food in ready packages. Have tests been done on this when it comes to left nutrients comparing to meals home cooked and with fresh veggies?

How much nutrients are left there? Any one knows of any research of this?

I’d really want to know how much nutrients my food I shovel into my big monster mouth, really contains.

…and how come that there seem to be so many nowadays that need extra dietary supplements?

There are a lot of voices for and against the gene manipulation, I only say that we have to be very careful with everything!

It’s peoples lives they’re playing with. And then I haven’t yet considered the other aspect of it: that it could be misused in some way…

… or how much other stuff influences our food, the sprinklings, air pollutions etc damages our bodies on different ways. Some things may not even be noticed until a lot of yours has gone by. How can we know?

Does this enhanced carrot mean that people are going to open up more to the idea of gene manipulated food? What do you think?

Captain Lifecruiser

Source: Bizjournals article about the super carrot

10 Comments on “Super carrot or not?”

    kml said:

    I think the best thing is just to eat as well rounded as one can. Freshest is always the best for taste and nutrients, but that is not always possible. Organic is the best way to go, but sometimes that cost is too much. They will never be honest with the public with what they do to our food, so unless we can grow it ourselves, we are at their mercy – which is a sad thing!

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    DianeCA said:

    I am very suspicious of altered foods. I think that we should eat more variety in its natural form. I did hear about a study I think it was on that program Pulse from Norwegian TV which tested the actual vitamin content of fruits and veg in Norwegian markets and found that many had less vitamins then the tables predict. Longer time on the shelves, early picking and too much water in fruits were responsible for the difference. So make sure you eat seasonal veggies and in the summer at least…ones grown close to home. By the way I don’t want to alarm you but your blog seems to be snowing…. :roll:

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    RennyBA said:

    I so much remember when I was young: my mother insisted me to eat vegi – now I love it, but then again I’m a Norwegian and miss the sun half of the year :lol: Besides: I even hate fast food, so I mange in older age too!

    Btw: As beloved wife says (when you approve here): It’s snowy here and you know I just love it – feel soooo much at home in the good old days :-) It was snowstorm here in Vestra Götaland yesterday too, but now the rain has wiped it away:-(

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    TorAa said:

    Fresh, organic Carrots is our favourite Snack . Point.
    They cost a hellova lots of money here, but at the end of the day, it lot’s cheaper than rest of whats named Snacks.
    May people understand—- the totallity

    TorAa’s last blog post..NARROW

    Maribeth said:

    It scares the hell out of me. This is why Hubby and I grow so many fruits and vegetables in our garden. Then we know what is in our food.
    PS: Go take a look at Dackel Princess. We have a new surprise there!

    Maribeth’s last blog post..Welcome To Our New Pages!!!

    Gattina said:

    Believe it or not but I like to eat a carrot when I watch TV in the evenings ! I am like a rapid.
    Concerning fast food or already cooked food in ready packages, a lot of tests have been made and revealed that they are sometimes better then home cooked meals with “fresh” veggies. The veggies used for this purpose are picked up when they have the most vitamines etc. and then they are deepfreezed or packed. If you buy “fresh” vegetables you never know when they have been picked up, how long they were in transport if they are prepared with chemicals etc. Of course I also buy fresh veggies but only when it is the season. It’s like eating cherries in winter !

    Ernesto said:

    Genetically altered carrots? So long as the process does not hurt even the life of a fly, and the end product is for the better of mankind, then I am 100% for it.

    Ernesto’s last blog post..Fly Fishing is for All

    selif said:

    Personally, I want to stay as clear of genetically modified food AND food from cloned or modified animals. It might be the safest thing in the world, but frankly there’s too much chance that there could be side effects that won’t be known about after 30 years of research.

    selif’s last blog post..Super Bowl XXLII

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    Peter Prams said:

    I think growing your own food is the only way to go, that way way we can be sure that everything is fresh and not washed in preservatives. If people cant afford organic, they should definately try growing their own food, you dont need alot of space to grow a few diet staples, such as potatoes.

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