When we arrived at our summer paradise island Fårö in the late afternoon the 21th of June and had carried in all our luggage (a lot when you’re staying for 50 days and not planning to wash any clothes!), we headed out at once again to check around.

Sunset Eke swamp, Fårö, Gotland, Sweden

We always want to enjoy the sunsets at this magical island, this time we got to see it at Eke träsk (swamp). A sunset that was rather pink this time, spotted between the trees, telling us that the weather next day should be pretty good.

The sunsets tell us how the weather next day should become. A yellow sunset means it’s gonna be rather cold, a yellow-pink like this one: medium warm. Totally red one’s means fantastic warm & sunny day and if the sun goes down in clouds means it’s gonna be cloudy.

Fårö which belongs to the bigger island Gotland (Sweden’s east coast), has several swamps and at some of them it’s possible to take a swim – they are more like small lakes.

For the bird fanatics it’s worth mentioning that there use to be Cranes at Eke swamp with surroundings along with other common water birds.

Since we arrived we’ve had the very best Swedish summer weather, perhaps even a bit warmer than usually, so we’ve been out enjoying it every second, no time for blogging then. Today it’s a bit cloudy for the first time and a bit chilly winds too.

…and we’re itchy as hell! The darn mosquito’s has been enjoying it too and are big as helicopters! *giggles*


4 Comments on “Sunset at Eke swamp, Gotland”

    LindaN said:

    Pretty and thanks for tip on how to judge weather from sunset!


    That’s a majestic sunset.


    Lovely colourful sunset! Yes we are in Sweden too right now and it is definitely good weather and hot so I am not surprised that the sky was a bit pink! Maybe it was blushing at all the half naked Scandinavians??? We saw a documentary about Bergmans house in Gotland on Norwegian TV today. I’m glad it is so well taken care of and will be used to inspire others in the years to come.


    Beautiful sunset! I love the tip also on how the sunset tells you what the weather will be the next day.

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