Today was a magnificent day in Stockholm with really nice sunshine and temperatures like a summer day, so I think all people in the city was out catching the sun – and so did we!

All the birds were having heartbreaking love concerts every where. People looked very happy and satiesfied.

It should have been written LOVE in the sky.

Now we have to make some love ourselves, maybe it will be written LOVE in our foreheads….

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    skye said:

    I think you two just like making the rest of us feel jealous. Or hopeful that we get to share in this thing called love :)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Though it really is something to be jealous of, we only want all of you to feel and share our love and hopefully find your own love :-)

    That really sounded like a cliché, but that is the truth…

    Dotm said:

    You keep reminding me what it was like when I was your age. Those good old days!!

    Sassy says thanks for the cyber bone. Maybe thats what she thought she had this afternoon when my great grandson was playing near her. Him and his dad ( my grandson) came in to tell me that Sassy has a little car in her mouth. My grandson asked me for a bone to give her to get the car back. I told him he didn`t need the bone, all he had to do was open her mouth and take out the little metal matchbox size car. I guess my grandson never thought she would let him open her mouth, but anyone she lets pet her would be allowed to do it.
    I walked out and Sassy looked up at me and opened her mouth and dropped the car.
    I still am not sure how she got my great grandsons car in the first place. He either ran it up the driveway towards her, or held it out and she thought he was offering her a treat so she took it. My grandson wasn`t there when it happened . He was next door visiting his Mom ( my daughter). My great Grandson ran over next door to get his Dad for help. He is 3 yrs old and a wound up cutie. He is one of those who never stop. How I wish I had half of his energy. Boy! I sure could accomplish a lot more before getting tired. I thought your mom might also get a laugh from this .
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I do love hearing from you and from your lovely Mother. Wished I lived closer so I could go and visit with her.

    Mandy said:

    It was a beautiful day here too! Birds singing, sun shining, and blue skies.

    Kasia said:

    Your post has made me want to embrace the world… I love you all:)

    sharlet said:

    Oh my… it’s getting out of control! :O


    Btw, why do you want to leave Sweden? As you say, there’s nice sunshine and temperature now, isn’t that good? When it’s cold during the winter you can curl up indoors and make love! ;D No need to leave the country…

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