Made any plans yet for the summer vacation? Lifecruiser has booked 2 trips already and is still planning 1 more!

From the beginning we had plans to go to the U.S. around April to visit my best friend who has moved there, but for some reasons we didn’t find any great deals…

Considering the ash clouds from the Icelandic volcano it probably was a good thing!

    Planned trips:

  • Up north in Sweden
  • Swedish Summer paradise island
  • Oslo Blog Gathering
  • Shorter roadtrips in Sweden

Up north in Sweden

This is something I’ve wanted to do for several years now, to go up north in Sweden. I’ve never been particularly high up, as most to Vemdalen which was when I was a teenager and I don’t remember much of it unfortunately.

Hubby on the other hand has been there several times as a kid, since his mother was from the Swedish town Dorotea and he still has a lot of relatives left up there.

This trip is still in the planning stage since we’re taking our own car and don’t need to book so far in advance.

Trip dates: In the beginning of June. At least one week.

Swedish summer paradise island

Our regular readers know where this Swedish summer paradise island is located: Gotland-Fårö, the islands southeast of Sweden’s mainland where we go every summer. We stay at a farm where hubby has been staying for every summer for 25 years now.

Gotland is the summer party island #1 with some of the best beaches in Sweden, but is also at the same time food for your soul! Peaceful sunsets surrounded by the Baltic Sea.

Trip dates: 21 June – 9 August. (7 weeks! Yay!)

Olso Blog Gathering

Surely, you haven’t missed that we’re going to the blog gathering in Oslo, Norway, in August? We’ll meet other bloggers, old and new friends plus doing some sightseeing in Oslo at the same time.

Read more here: Bloggers meetup in Oslo

We will go there earlier than the blog meeting, to meet our dear Norwegian friends (Tor, Anna, Renny & Diane) as well as doing some sightseeing by our own.

…plus that hubby will have the chance to do a golf round with Renny – he is thrilled!

Trip dates: 15 – 23 August.

Shorter roadtrips in Sweden

Depending on the weather – and our health – in May, we will do some shorter roadtrips in Sweden, probably more south. We will see what interesting places we can find!

So what are your summer trip plans…?

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11 Comments on “Summer Travel Plans”

    DianeCA said:

    I want to go up north too. Someday we will get there. I really want to see the midnight sun and stay up all night, or as long as I can. Better get there before I get old hehehe. Of course we are really looking forward to getting together at the blog gathering. We will have tons of fun! Sounds like a good summer plan.

    astrid said:

    Sounds like a very nice summer plan!!
    I don’t have much planned, mostly because we were just back from Indonesia, so we’re pretty much broke :mrgreen: .
    Our only summer plan is going to Volterra on 23-27 July. We’re going to see the Bocelli concert again :) .

    TorAa said:

    Did you know that Renny and I were supposed to be in Bodø, Northern Norway from Friday to Sunday? But ashes you know…

    When you are going up North, check where and when you can see the Midnight Sun.

    Fårö is a Paradise, you so kindly learned us to know. And for 7 weeks – wow.

    What is Olso? LOL.
    We are looking forward to the Blog Gathering and be a host for you. I’m sure that will be a blast meeting with old friends and for us new bloggers.

    Our plans are very simple: Turkey (Istanbul and Bodrum), Oslo BG and staying in our Summer Paradise just south of Oslo..

    Besides, I invite you to a virtual trip back to Buenos Aires. Lots of photos to recall memories.

    Mar said:

    :cool: Sounds like a busy summer, wonderful travel plans!! Pls report extensively on the blog gathering, I’d love to hear all about it.


    Would have loved to join you up north in Sweden as I have just driving through once on my way from up north of Norway, through Finland and back to Norway.

    Can hardly wait to see you again in August and of course it was very special to know that Mr. Lifecruiser would like a round of golf with me. I’ve planned to announce it in the News Papers some weeks in beforehand – as: Scandinavian Open ;-)


    I’ll be in Stockholm from 16 June to 24 June

    Akila said:

    Wow! Sounds like a fantastic summer. I have heard that Norway and Sweden are beautiful. We need to go sometime.

    We are going to be in Japan and China and then heading to Africa. We can’t wait.


    Hey, that’s wonderful! Do you wanna meet up for a beer or something more? We can offer some sightseeing too if you’re up to it. Or just tips if you prefer to go on your own – we’re totally flexible! What have you planned to see or do so far? Tell us more, tell us more :-)
    We’ll be at home at the latest the 18th, but since we now know you’re going to be here we’ll aim for the 16th at the latest. We might be home much earlier than that, we don’t know yet, we like to take that northern trip a bit without time frames :-)

    claudie said:

    We have planned for Mélissa, London, in the same time we will in Oslo!
    I don’t have any plans before Oslo Gathering because now we have a lot to do with our hous plans. Sounds we have found the good builder, sounds Jérome is ok now and can buy our hous!!!
    So I will have to rent an appart in september! :razz:

    fawaz said:

    my friends tell me that norway is so beutiful, i want to go there somedays..

    Horvátország apartmanok said:

    If you are visiting Europe, check out Croatia, for a Country that small it has a vareity of landscape scenery and prices are more than affordable.

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