I took a bike ride at Sudersand beach (Gotland, Sweden), the other day, while hubby where playing in his annual golf competition. The weather were cloudy, but warm and there where a lot of people and activity at the beach.

faro-sudersand-beach-bike, Gotland, Sweden

The typical holiday beach photo, wouldn’t you say…?

At the beginning of Sudersand Beach there use to be some Kite-surfers and this day were no exception since it was a bit of wind.

faro-sudersand-kite-surfer, Gotland, Sweden

It was a wonderful outdoor day. I did some errands on the way, but overall it was relaxing time enjoying the surroundings.

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3 Comments on “Sudersand Beach Bike and Kite”

    Kate said:

    so lovely! Must be nice to be outdoors with this type of weather :)


    Yes, Kate – it was perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold. simply perfectly lovely :-)

    (Today is another story: thunderstorms and lots of rain!!!!)

    Gattina said:

    It seems that you have quiet nice weather ! I take the Eurostar tomorrow evening and will spend a week with my friends at the English coast as each year. I hope the weather will be warm.

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