Doctor examination

Today I did my daily stripping in the morning instead and not even for Mr Lifecruiser. This time for a young man (wow!) and with Mr Lifecruiser watching as peeping Tom ;-)

With other words: Finally I’ve been checked up by a doctor! Pheew. It took time to find one. I had to go to an open surgery between 10-11 o’clock this morning, my only chance, it was full every where else I’ve asked. Unbelievable.

He did a proper check up of me and HE seemed to be very normal! I’m surprised over that yes, because I’ve met a lot of very strange doctor’s before. Sometimes I’ve even wondered if they were on drugs (!). Not exactly giving me any faith in them. This one is a new doctor, so I guess he hasn’t been ruined yet.

He didn’t seem to think that I was normal (?!) and sent me to take all kind of tests. He will be delivering the results of them tomorrow afternoon. At least I’m going to know, that I got or not got something there. If they don’t show something, I wonder what’s going to happen next. It would’nt be nice if they don’t have any measures to propose and just let the hair loss continue…

As a reward, because I hate doctors appointments, we’re going to a concert with a Swedish artist (Mikael Wiehe) this evening, together with my oldest sister. She needs to have an evening out, she have had a rough time for long now and never get to have any fun.

Mikael Wiehe has translated a lot of Bob Dylans songs to Swedish. It’s good stuff, even though I not agree with Wiehes opinions. I often interpret his songs texts in my own way….

We will ENJOY our evening out.

(…and probably be completely DEAD tomorrow…)

Wikipedia about Mikael Wiehe
Mikael Wiehe website (Swedish only)

6 Comments on “Stripping for the doctor”

    sisiggy said:

    Have a good time tonight. I’m sure the tests will come back with something innocuous like the thyroid thing. If not, I hear bald is the new black…so very trendy.

    skye UNITED STATES said:

    I hope they don’t drag it out. I know how concerned you are about your hair loss, and the waiting can be worse than the actual illness.

    Like I told you before, hair loss was the only thing that really got me to go to the doctor. On top of that, a dear friend made me promise to really get checked out and to start going to the doctor more regularly. He so nicely pointed that I’m not getting any younger :sad: But he also said that it took a long time to find me, he didn’t want to lose me due to some illness that could’ve been prevented. So, off I went to a family doctor, a gynocologist (twice due to some issues), and then to a vascular surgeon. Although it was a pain going from one to the other, now that I’m done with them, it’s a relief not to be worrying about the possibilities of what could be wrong.

    Hope you had fun at the concert!

    mrhaney UNITED STATES said:

    well i am glad you are getting checked out by the doctor. it is good to go there every once in a while. i dislike doctors myself but some times they are needed. good luck to you.

    sharlet said:

    Yay for finally getting checked out! :D And for being so good-humoured about an otherwise serious issue. :) If everyone were like you the world would be a happier place.

    Anyway, good luck for the test results. And hope you enjoyed yourself! :)

    Kasia POLAND said:

    :grin: Hello there! Thanks for the email!

    so we don’t like doctors,ha? Not good! Check yourselves regularly!:)

    I read a few prior posts and I must admit i love your blog, so.. see ya. I’ll be back.:)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks everyone for all the good comments!!!

    And a special welcome to Kasia :-)

    No news from the doc today :-(

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