Well, we never seems to come to any proper bedtimes in this house… How hard can it be to go to bed?

The last weeks it has accelerated, we’ve been up day and night and maybe taken a short nap now and then. The strange thing is that it work out so good! And after all, it’s a pity to waste our precious time by sleeping it away…

On the other hand, we don’t think that it’s so healthy in the long run, so we better get our selves together and come back to normal routines.

But what is normal? Hm…. Is it not normal to sit in the kitchen at 8 o’clock in the morning and eat a real dinner?

We have done that for several days now. Pancakes one morning, maybe not so strange for you, but not at all usual here in Sweden. Sausage and pasta another morning and we had been eating fried eggs on sandwiches just a little while before that, so it was amazing that we could be hungry again!

Because of the fact that we are in hibernation, we haven’t so much food at home to prepair either, so it really keeps our ability to “do the magic trick” here. We can now determine that you get more hungry when you’re not sleeping enough. Yesterday I had a mountain of Nachos with cheese on the top for breakfast-dinner. I thought it was really yummy.

This night, I had been sleeping for as long as 5 hours, but Mr Lifecruiser woke me up because he was in the kitchen trying to take a sneak-meal! He should have known better (married to the hungry monster as he is), that I should notice something – of course I demanded my share of the goodies.

The conversations we have when we’ve been up for so long time, becomes really interesting ones. I have no idea what Mr Lifecruiser is talking about and he has no idea what I’m talking about and we both answer on totally different things – no wonder that our marriage is working out so good!!

We have become the masters of sleeping in front of the computers too. I found both of us sleeping, sitting in our chairs yesterday with our hands on the mouses…

Oh, now it strikes me real hard: maybe I should do something about my look and put on something really sexy to tempt Mr Lifecruiser to come to bed with me?

Sexy Mrs Lifecruiser in bedtime

What do you say, is it necessary or am I sexy enough….?

2 Comments on “Strange habits around the clock”

    sharlet said:

    You are sexy enough! ;D

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    That was what I thought too, hot as a babe on the cover of….some known magazine ;-)

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