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19 Comments on “Straighten Me Up Please”

    RennyBA said:

    Great picture – right to the point :grin:

    RennyBA’s last blog post..RennyBA’s Terella second Anniversary

    working at home mom said:

    That is such a great shot. I love the blue.

    working at home mom’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #8 ~ My New Fave TV Show!

    Dragonheart said:

    Cool shot! Perfect title for it. :)

    Dragonheart’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Whirlybird Catch!

    pelfy said:

    Ha! Ha! I think the light pole should be left this way. It is more unique than the ordinary light poles. Hehe.. Have fun!

    pelfy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #18 – Mining Pool

    Mark Caldwell said:

    Great shot :-)

    Mark Caldwell’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

    ONwebcheck said:

    nice photo -happy WW

    And Miles To Go... said:

    what happened to the light pole? Great shot!

    And Miles To Go…’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday (#30)

    Gattina said:

    Did the Latern drink too much ?
    If tourists get sick here it’s their own fault. You shouldn’t eat green salad but rather tomatoes or concombers, only cooked vegetables and never drink water from the tab. If you respect this there is no danger in good hotels and of course never take ice cubes !
    We again had a lot of fun yesterday evening I think I have a nice cruise to prepare, lol !

    kml said:


    kml’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Dragonfly Macro

    SandyCarlson said:

    Someone has the same level of parking skills as I do! That’s funny. Happy WW!

    jennyr said:

    hahahah! can anyone help the poor lamp post?lol! btw, i love your blog template! very nice!!!

    jennyr’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday (Father-Daughter Moment)

    FeeFiFoto said:

    They went thataway!!

    Mar said:

    A proof that too many cyber cruisers had to hold on to it after the last party :cool:

    Mar’s last blog which I show my purse’s content…


    I’m guessing that some vehicle ran into that light very hard. Cool shot. Have a great WW. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #31

    TorAa said:

    Dear oh dear – this you show openly to a man my age – not only showing: But: Straighten me up. *Giggles*

    My WW is on my second blog – from Miami Beach of course) (I’ve allready started on the real Lifecruiser Cybercruise stories – but I have still some research to do – to make it what here is needed: Quality.

    PS. As allways.: A link to you

    TorAa’s last blog post..Papa is back in Oslo – and Wordless Wednesday

    Kat said:

    Wow, was the light pole made like that or did the car parked next to it hit it? LOL Happy WW!!

    Kat’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – MJ our pitbull

    Bobbie said:

    Maybe there’s been a really strong wind? :-D

    aka R'acquel said:

    hehehe… it’s very funny how this picture induces “pain to correct it”.

    aka R’acquel’s last blog post..Beautiful Boxer

    colleen said:

    I just love when things are out of place. I took a photo yesterday of a street sign that had fallen down.

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