If you are an old ABBA fan and want a purpose with your walks during your sightseeing of Stockholm, I recommend you to take the ABBA City 2-hours Walk at Saturdays during February-May or Fridays and Saturdays in June-September.

You will be sent back to the disco-time in Stockholm, where you get to see the City Hall, Sheraton Hotel, The Royal Opera, and the old town – from ABBA’s disco-life and point of view.

Price is only around 120 SEK and you can buy your ticket in advance at ticnet.se if you have a valid European credit card. Otherwise at Stockholm City Museum or Stockholm Tourist Center.

Budget Tips: If you’re like me and prefer to explore on your own, you can buy the ABBA City Walk MAP at the same places as above including at Stockholm Info Gallerian, for only 40 SEK.

I would do that playing ABBA-music loud in my earphones if I were you, to really get the feeling right… lol…

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3 Comments on “Stockholm Tours: ABBA City Walk”

    Monique Hoevens said:

    I don’t understand why everyone recommends this citymap. If you are a real ABBAfan you will have 10 times more fun if you buy the book this ABBAwalk and Abbacitymap are based on: Sara Russell’s excellent The Abba Guide to Stockholm!!!


    Hi Monique and welcome to our website, pleased to see you here for the first time – I hope it will not be the last one :-)

    Yes, you might be right there: if you are a real ABBA fan, it might even be better to buy that book! Or why not do both in that case? (Have you?)

    You’ll never know if anything is missing in either one of them that you get to know then.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip and have a great spring time :-)

    Warmth welcome back!

    David McKenzie said:

    I purchased a copy of ‘The ABBA Guide To Stockholm’ book by Sara Russell prior to my trip to Stockholm. It’s one of the best investments anyone could make if contemplating a trip to Stockholm and not just for ABBA fans, as many of Stockholm’s tourist destinations are included in the book. ‘The ABBA Guide To Stockholm’ not only includes detailed descriptions of the various locations, but also a map and appropriate bus and/or train details on how to get to each location. I’m coming back to Stockholm in August this year and will absolutely be bringing my copy of ‘The ABBA Guide To Stockholm’ with me again!

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